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rickpthomas Jul 9
Hi - Hoping someone in the community can help me out. Finally getting an opportunity to dive into the family '68 bug and get it back on the road (my son did a transaxle reno for his HS senior project and left it undone. He just graduated from college and his penance is to now get it running!) Anyhow, replacing old bushings and components before we slide the TA back in and having a hard time figuring out this rear suspension component that sits to the rear of the swing arm (or whatever that part is called). It has a bell shaped bushing in the middle of the rod. It looks like it had old rubber on it but can't find anything on WCM website that matches it. I recall this thing making a lot of noise the last time I had it on the road. Any ideas and where I might be able to find parts?

Ok, did some additional digging and found a good site that explains the z-bar which is what I've gathered this is. So my follow up it worth restoring? I've read that most people remove them as it seems to have nominal benefit on the suspension characteristics (rear) unless under heavy load. Any corroborating/contrary opinions?



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