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rwthrasher Mar 18

I'm new to this club and I've been trying to get some information on getting a swap meet space at the 1 June 2019 Bug Run swap meet, show, drag race.

Registration is no longer being taken on line could it be that all the spaces are taken. If memory serves me right I think there were a few empty spaces last year.

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rwthrasher Mar 19
doesn't anybody have any information about the Bug Run swap meet spaces? if you do could you send it to me my email is rwthrasher@hotmail.com
Buginu2 Mar 20
We will open pre-registration for the Show & Shine in April.  Swap meet spaces are first-come/first-served (no pre-registration).  In the 10+ years I've been involved with the Bug Run - we've never run out of swap space.
rwthrasher Mar 20
Thank you that's what I needed to know. I also would like to know how many people/venders are included in the $25 space cost and can additional tickets be purchased for the space, all 3 of my sons are involved with the stuff we have to sell/swap as well as myself.
Buginu2 Mar 20
$25 for the space and one person.  Additional attendees are $15 each.
rwthrasher Apr 5

How do I get a vendor site? the web site says to go to your facebook page I did but there is nothing there to get a space and the preregistration is just for show and shine.

Thank you

rwthrasher Apr 11

So I guess what I'm seeing is that if a person wants a vendor space you just show up Saturday morning or Friday if you want to spend the night and pay and set up then. so what time Saturday and Friday do the gates open to get in for a vendor space?



admin May 24
Swap versus Vendor space is a bit misleading.  Most folks are there to sell their old parts - hence the swap reference.  Vendors typically end up being sponsors of the show (and end up on our shirts and advertising).

Friday evening after 5pm if you want to camp and swap.

Saturday morning - the gates open no later than 8am but likely earlier.