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1976 Bus starts but won't move
I knew I would be posting here eventually about problems, but I didn't think it would be literally right after my last post  :shocked:  We took our bus out to the coast Presidents Day weekend and drove her on the 13th - we came back that evening in the pouring rain and howling wind due to leaky window seals.  On our way home we noticed a high pitched squeak but couldn't localize it or determine a why (it happened while braking, when accelerating, while in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (we weren't driving fast enough to get her to 4th), when we were turning corners, and when we were going straight.).  Anyways, today we went and started her up to drive her into work and she won't move.  She starts just fine, and after giving her time to warm up, put her into 1st and started to release the brakes and nothing - she just revs but won't budge, like she has gorilla glue stuck to her tires.  I had my wife get out and make sure there wasn't anything blocking the tires and that they all looked okay.  All was well.  I put her into reverse.  Nothing.  I put her into neutral because she was on a slight decline to see if I could just let her roll down.  Nothing.  I triple checked the parking brake was off (it was) and am now stumped.  Do you think the disc brakes could have rusted up (I think they were supposed to be new within the past 1 1/2 years...)  I can feel her go into gear, but I didn't get out and check (nor do I really know how) to ensure it was really going into gear - but she won't even move in neutral which is what is making me wonder about brakes. 

Somehow I need to get her moving to get her into the shop, so I'm hoping you will just tell me go pound on them a bit with a hammer to knock them loose and then take them in.  Unless someone thinks it's something else...  The moral of the story is that we need HELP!

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Re: 1976 Bus starts but won't move
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I would jack up every wheel one at a time and see which wheel is locked up. In neutral and parking brake off for the rear but with the front wheels blocked so it won't roll away.

Are you also saying that while in gear with the clutch out the engine did not stall?  Your initial description out the whine in all gears all the time made me think it was a rear wheel bearing.  But this locked up no rolling thing has me thinking bigger like trans.  A flatbed tow truck will be able to pick it up and get it to a shop for you.

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Re: 1976 Bus starts but won't move
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Do busses have the splines on the axels like bugs?  Could have broken off the last spines on the rear drums ...would get you revs, no stalling, etc . . . 
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