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Topic: FS: Agile Custom Cover for 73VW Bus or Similar. (Used once.) (Read 1078 times) previous topic - next topic

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FS: Agile Custom Cover for 73VW Bus or Similar. (Used once.)
I sold my '73 campmobile and forgot to include this cover.  So, it's up for sale.  In case it makes a difference, a Campmobile is a VW bus with sink, bed, and an ice box, but no pop-up.  I imagine that's pretty much the same as a standard '73 bus.  Asking $110

This "Agile Brands" cover was custom made for the vehicle. By this, I mean that when ordering, the online vendor provided a large list of vehicles, and I selected the one that came closest.  The attached photo shows it in its storage bag.  (The color of the cover is the same as the bag.)  Since the bus is gone, I can't photograph it on a vehicle.  I used it once, so it's in nearly new condition. 

It was quite a good fit on my bus. The bottom is elasticized to fit better under the bumpers.  It has special pockets in the correct positions for the mirrors, etc.  It also came with a "button hole" thing that makes it possible cut an opening for the antenna.  (I didn't use this.)  I got this to protect the bus from the sun.  While it breathes, I wouldn't use it in the rain, at least no for long periods.  Mold could build up underneath.  The original cost was over $170 about 3 or 4 years ago. 
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Re: FS: Agile Custom Cover for 73VW Bus or Similar. (Used once.)
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Would the cover fit my 74 pop top camper?
503-523-7311 :cheers: