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Re: The Catbox files...
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I have been driving it since Tuesday and I am a happy camper.

The noise and smell was very missed.
I do have to fix the leaking valve covers as they saturated the heater boxes and they put out a ton of smoke right into the car.
I guess while I am in there I should check the valve lash as I have not touched it since I put the engine in all those years ago.
I might get some of the pep back if I do.

I may also redo the shifter rod bushing so I can tighten the shifter back up.
While I have it out I may also put in one of my Hurst shifters or the Bugpack Hurst knockoff that have been lounging around...
We shall see on Saturday morning.
The worst performance mod is whatever you're limited to because you convinced yourself (or others) that anything bigger or faster was too extreme for a street car.