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ah-hah I think i figured the problem
soon as the sky opened up a bit and stopped raining
I ran outside to do some much needed car work...

got the car so close to running
I almost cried lol

If i poured gas into the carb it would sputter and start to go then die due to lack of gas

hooked fuel line from pump to can of gas to see if the line itself was clog and same thing..
the fuel pump inside was bone dry
so thinking htats the current culprit

ah-hah I think i figured the problem
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ah-hah I think i figured the problem
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The funny thing about VW fuel pumps is that I believe they need to have the pressure on the inlet in order to work.  In other words, I don't think they can "suck" the fuel out of a can.

I built a temporary fuel tank out of an gallon alcohol bottle.  I attached a quick disconnect line to the bottom of the bottle and ran it to my fuel pump.  If you use a clear fuel line you (not recommended) you can see if the pump is running or not.  I discovered I connected my fuel pump up wrong when I noticed air bubbles pumping into the bottle.