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The PLan?
Ok So whats the plan for the May 20th Dub run? Are we all going to go as a group? I am definatly going, we went to there cruise for the cure at the Rootbeer drive in last year and we were the only Reps from the Rose City so I thought it would be great if we could show up this year in Mass.

So anyway....Post your thoughts and comments here and lets see if we can get something going.

The PLan?
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is this the thing up in king county?

The PLan?
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Yes sir it is. This year it's at the King county fairgrounds I belive.

The PLan?
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If my bug is running I will

with gas so high and my suburban a gas guzzle i dont like the far drives

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The PLan?
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I'm not having much luck with functions in seems.  I'll be at BajaCrazy at Sand Lake from the 18th - 20th.
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