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New to the VW seen

Hi all,

My name is Larry, I am interested in becoming a member of Rose City Volksters. I live in the Beaverton area and my wife just purchased a 1975 Super Beetle for me on my 40th birthday this past week and I am in need of your expertise help and all the good knowledge you have. I travel alot, som I won't be able to make all the meetings, but I did see you have get togethers and show repairs etc. I would like to watch and learn, as I have no experience. My Bug runs great, it is dual carb and I belive 1835cc. I am starting to do body work, and I am in need of a place I can paint it. I have the equipment, just need the space. If anyone can help me out on this I would greatly appreciate it. I am going to try and make the meeting Tuesday, I look forward to meeting some of you if I can make it. Thanks, Larry
Sorry, I posted it twice!! :roll:

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New to the VW seen
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Congrats on the addition. We definately hope you can make it to our meeting on Tuesday.

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New to the VW seen
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Nice to meet you and welcome!

We are having breakfast tomorrow morning at 10 am @ Tom's pancake house on T.V. Highway if you can make it. IF you need directions give me a holler. You can click the little email or Private message icon below my post and I'll send you my Cell number and guide you in if you think you can make it.

New to the VW seen
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I took care of the other post.