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Topic: anyone use this, or heard anything about it (Read 4921 times) previous topic - next topic

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anyone use this, or heard anything about it
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Yes, the exterior is rolled. I sprayed the interior, and the first exterior
coat. Inside is beautiful, outside showed my lack of experience and
equipment. There were dust bunnys, runs etc. You really need good
lighting, something I didn't appreciate.

  The guy that started this has a bug that was painted this way 6 years
and 30,000 miles ago. Car still looks great. It is garaged, but 30,000
miles is still a lot of use.

  If you can get and use real car paint, by all means do it. I just didn't
want to spend that kind of money to teach myself. Just want a decent
looking daily driver. And...when that bozo in the Buick whacks my door,
I can fix it myself with minimal trouble. 8) 


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anyone use this, or heard anything about it
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also still need to first fix some dents in one fender and rear apron.. and fix one front fenders its bent odd... will do that saturday in the sun with beers in the truck *i dont have a garage so my garage is back of my suburban"

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anyone use this, or heard anything about it
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Rolled???  Never heard of that, but from the pictures your bug looks great.  I've heard of guys getting decent paint jobs from a rattle can, so it all depends on what you want to concentrate on (and afford).  I once painted a Maverick in the barracks parking lot with a case of red paint I got from a buddy in supply.  It did not turn out so good, but what the heck did I know at 19?  Well, I knew how to "acquire" stuff....

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anyone use this, or heard anything about it
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i read the whole post on the mopar cars and was really intrested in perhaps trying this option some time on down the road.  as for now the crummy maaco paint will buff right up so people will stop calling it the over used "rat rod"(you know who you are).  they used to just be called beaters or work in progress.
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