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**Quick Note**
Turned on Custom Avatars in the forum section as well. Max size for an Ava is 150 x 150. Knock yourselves out.

To upload your custom ava go to your profile in the top of this page scroll down to the bottom and follow the directions. If you have a problem or if you have no way to resize your photo (Or just don't even know how) Send me the pic you would like to use and I will get it there for you. I just need the pic you wish to use, and your handle (Screen name).

**Quick Note**
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sweet! big enough to be useful to make an avatar

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**Quick Note**
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YIPPEEEEE!!!!  (I like pictures of my car)

1967 Convertible
1967 Ragtop (really)-SOLD IT!
1967 Standard Bus
1974 Thing
1977 Rabbit

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**Quick Note**
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"Time to make the donuts."
The worst performance mod is whatever you're limited to because you convinced yourself (or others) that anything bigger or faster was too extreme for a street car.

Custom avatars kick butt!!
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