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anyplace locally
that sells 6volt parts
I probably need a new coil, still checking my stuff out. I do need points for my old fat boy style distributer.
was going to order online but wanted check if anyone knew of a place around here

also if anyone has a 6volt 28 pict-1 they dont want let me know :)

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anyplace locally
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One of our members sells quite a bit of VW stuff online and at Swap Meets.  I don't know his email off the top of my head, but maybe Gary will reply....

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anyplace locally
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oooh I will wait with great anticipation :)

anyplace locally
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You could also post in the wanted section of the forums.  :roll:

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anyplace locally
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Jerry might have some 6v stuff around as well.  I picked through his 12v stuff pretty good.

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anyplace locally
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I've never had to purchase 6v parts. But what about Discount Import Parts?

I get nearly all my Vw related stuff there. The wife calls it my candy store.
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