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General Chat / Re: Your Random Picture thread

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Calendar of Events / Volksfest weekend - sept 12 to 14
The 25th Annual Volksfest weekend is coming up.  If you've never been, it is what I like to call the "best little VW show you'll ever go to".

The actual show is on Sunday the 14th in Moxee city park (just a little east of Yakima).  However for the full Volksfest experience you need to be there Saturday too.


I know a few Volksters that have gone in the past and are planning to make this trip again.  My family is probably going to leave Friday and camp Friday night with the Cascade Kombis and join them on their raft float Saturday morning.

Chris and I will need to defend our tug-a-bug title this year.  :)
General Chat / Re: Saturday, September 27th Beach Cruise
See info on the flyer.
Projects - VWs only / Stella - the Riviera Camper
I joined Mr. Catbox this weekend at the salvage yard (or the thrift shop of cars as I described it to my wife).

I picked up a couple power ports and two fuse panels.  The panels were out of some mid-90's GM car that my grandparents would have drove.

The novelty of have an all original bus has worn off.  So I feel that now was a good time to make some changes to improved the usefulness of it. 

First up - the original icebox.  Long term - we'll be upgrading to a different fridge.  The icebox on a good day would maintain temperature just enough to keep things cool.  However, the kids like to open/close it - so the cold air didn't have much of a chance.  Recently we've been using it for dry storage of food.  I figured I could gain a few cubic feet of storage by eliminating the actual icebox. 

So I removed the icebox and cut the foam box away from the metal frame that the door was attached to.  I repainted the metal frame and then reinstalled the metal frame and icebox door onto the cabinet. 

While I was working inside the cabinet - I discovered that dire situation the wiring was in.  The second battery had a single 14ga wire running from the back to the area under that cabinet.  That single wire (unfused) was powering the electric pump for the sink, the former icebox and the single power power that came with the bus! 

I bought some 6ga wire to run from the battery to the new fuse box we picked up at the salvage yard.  I generally don't like drilling new holes in the body to run wires so I decided to re-purpose the old air conditioner lines.  The lines ran the length of the bus and were big enough to run the new cable through.  I did drill a single hole next to the drain hole to route the wire into the area under the cabinet.

While I was down there - I updated the wiring for the old power port, added two new power ports, along with a 750w inverter.  My wife didn't like seeing all the wires under the cabinet, so I added some new wood panels inside to separate the storage area from the wiring area.

Articles / End of August/September Schedule
Tuesday August 26th -

The Volksters have been invited to take over a portion of the Hillsboro Tuesday Market "Cruise-In Tuesday".  Arrive at the 2nd street entrance from Lincoln Ave. (this is the wrong way on a one way street) between 4:30 and 5:30 and check in with the volunteers for space assignment and parking assistance. For the safety of our visitors and your car, you may not leave the street before 8:00 PM.  Please let Duane know if you will be attending!

In September:

September 9th - Monthly Club Meeting

September 13-14 - Volksfest in Moxee City (near Yakima)

September 27th - Annual Volksters Beach Cruise!

Articles / August/September Activities
There are tons of things to keep busy in the VW world over the this month.

This Saturday August 9th, 2014 is the annual VW night at the 99w drive-in located in Newberg.  We will meet at Al's Garden Center on Roy Rodgers Rd at 3:30pm and leave at 4pm to cruise to Newberg.

Tuesday August 12th is our monthly club meeting at the Beaverton Round Table Pizza on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway.  The fun starts at 7:30pm.

Saturday August 16th is our monthly Dubs & Donuts, which is held at the Tigard Sesame Donuts at 9am.  Corner of 99W and Hall Blvd.

Saturday August 16th is our summer BBQ in Vernonia.  More details will be announced at the meeting next Tuesday.

Tuesday August 26th - the Volksters have been invited to take over a portion of the Hillsboro Tuesday Market "Cruise-In Tuesday".  More details on this coming soon.

In September:

September 9th - Monthly Club Meeting

September 13-14 - Volksfest in Moxee City (near Yakima)

September 27th - Annual Volksters Beach Cruise!
Projects - VWs only / Re: Kellison Super T buggy
Thanks Paul - that would be helpful!
Projects - VWs only / Re: Kellison Super T buggy
Agreed.  Bench bleeding is hard to do and I probably didn't really bleed it on the bench properly.  What I did find out was that one  of the inlets were completely empty of fluid.  Filled it up and put the master cylinder back in.  Finally got some pressure at the pedal. 

Despite the rain, I pushed the buggy out of the garage yesterday and started it up.  I'm going to need to adjust the valves again, but it runs pretty good.  Drove it to the end of the driveway and backed  it up.  Clutch needed adjustment.... I think the guide tube in the tunnel is breaking loose.  I will keep an eye on it.  Drove it down the street.  Brakes are still a little squishy and the engine died at idle.  Aside for that I got it up to 25 and second gear. 

Those wheels sound interesting Mark.  I'll call you later about checking them out.

DMV and insurance could be right around the corner.....
Projects - VWs only / Kellison Super T buggy
Struggled with a fuel delivery issue... Finally found a fuel pump that works and the motor starts on demand and keeps running.

The other issue I had last year were the brakes.  Couldn't get them to bleed out properly.  Pulled the master cylinder and bench bled it.  Moved the reservoir to a new location.  Hopefully the lines will bleed out now....
Projects - VWs only / Kellison Super T buggy
I'm back at it again with the buggy.

Picked up a motor from Catbox that needed some work.  Mike (from DIP and owner of ReWerks) did a line bore and thrust cut on the case.  I got the bits and pieces back Tuesday night.  Reassembled the motor when I had free time over the past few days. 

Installed it into the buggy yesterday and spent a bunch of time trying to get it started.  Good oil pressure and turns over nicely, but I wasn't getting any spark.  Timing light indicated no spark.  After a few awhile I called it a day and cleaned up.  It was then that I realized the problem.  The ignition switch I am using has accessory, on, and start positions.  It turns out I connected the wire for the coil to the accessory position.  When the key is turned to start it would cut power to the accessories.

Once I figured out the issue, I went back to the garage and it started immediately.  I will break the motor in today or later this week.

Last year Mark and Heidi woke the dead with their late night entrance.... who can top them this year?
Tech Help Cars / Re: Valves stuck IN heads

I would go this route.
It is entirely possible that the keepers have made a burr on the valve stem that is hanging up as you try to move it through.
I have this issue on my brand new heads.
So before they go back together they will recieve a touch of love to smooth things out.

Or drill it out - I know someone that is really good at doing on-the-spot machine work with your average household drill.
Welcome to the site!  Our next regularly scheduled event is Dubs & Donuts this Saturday Jan 18th at 9am.   At the Sesame Donuts on the corner of 99w and Hall Blvd in Tigard.  Along with all of the other VWs - I will be there in my 77 Riviera.   :2up:
Articles / Happy New Year 2014
Welcome to the Rose City Volksters website and another exciting year.  We've been doing some behind-the-scenes work on the website over the holidays.  Some are quite visible (the photo slider on the front page is new) while other are not.  If anyone is interested in having a spotlighted story about their project/car/etc on the front page, let one of the officers know via personal message.

Our monthly meeting is on January 14th at the Beaverton Round Table Pizza starting at 7:30pm. 

This month's Dubs & Donuts will be held on January 18th - 9am at Sesame Donuts in Tigard (corner of Hall and 99w).

There are other activities in the members section that might be interesting as well.  :2up:

The 29th Annual Northwest Bug Run is on Saturday May 31st.  Planning for this event starts picking up this month.  Do you know of a business that would be interested in being a supporter of this event?

Do you have an idea for a great event?  Are you willing to do some of the legwork to make it happen?  Great events start with just an idea and the drive to see it become reality!  '

Going to VW events is more fun when you go with other enthusiasts!  We realize not everyone has the time or resources to attend every event in the Northwest.  Why not make a plan to attend an event outside the Portland area this year?  Springmeet, Vintage Meet, Maupin VW campout, Bugorama, VW Classic, Treffen cruise, Volksfest?  How about a group cruise to one of these events?
I'm thinking it may be time to remove the two Cars & Coffee events from the calendar.  They were originally posted up as generic car events that people might be interested in.  The Cascade Station C&C is a younger group with mainly tuner imports.  The Sequoia C&C tends to have more high end cars.

If you are a "car" person - you might be interested in these events.  If you are into VWs only - wait until Dubs & Donuts.