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Projects - VWs only / Re: JBJetta's Drop Box
That truck is cute!
General Chat / Re: stainless steel eyebrows

What are you doing up at 2:43 am?

Crazy lady...

Ummmm working night shift :) 7p-7:30a

White 71 super beetle with a 0-55 in 11 minutes sticker in the back window.

I think you were parked next to me on the top of the mountain :) I want that sticker!
General Chat / Re: stainless steel eyebrows
I have the empi eyelids for my car and yes, you have to take the headlight ring off and then the eyelid edge hooks under the ring. Domestic Import Parts does have a bunch and can make sure you get the right ones..
Introductions / Re: Ruby67
Hey kids! Thanks for the offer on the clock, but no, not selling it. You know, I've never seen another clock like this ever, anywhere. I bought it with the car and have had NUMEROUS offers to buy it... guess I just lucked out!
Introductions / Re: Ruby67
There's nothing to do! Lol :) create a VW event out there and I'll consider it :)
Introductions / Re: Ruby67
Ya, I live pretty close to downtown so I wouldn't be surprised. I don't frequent Gresham often lol ;)
Introductions / Re: Ruby67
Oh yeah, where at?
General Chat / Re: Battery vs. Generator help!
I sound liek such a girl. I don't know what a "Multi Meter" is. I do know that the lights on my speedometer both came on the second time to car was dead but not the first. I may just have it towed to Always and have Ashley look at it as I know pretty much nothing about the elctrical system in that car. I do know that I just bought a battery about a year ago so that should not be the problem  :sad:

Super Frustrated! AND I am in the middle of my 4 days of night shift and leave for NV Friday, so time to get this taken care of is not exactly available!

General Chat / Battery vs. Generator help!
Hey guys! So, for 2 days now I have come out to my car and it's been dead. Didn't leave the lights on or anything and was running fine the day before. Jumped it both times and it started right up. I was able to turn it off and start it again within an hour, no problem. Tonight, I am able to turn on the lights and the car tries to turn over but won't. Last time I couldn't even get it to turn over. Any opinions on what this could be?? Thanks!!
General Chat / Re: Alrighty boys!
Thanks, but I want the car stripped to bare metal, body work done, and then painted appropriately...
General Chat / Alrighty boys!
Need some advice about where I can get my car media blasted to bare metal and body work and/or paint done for a reasonable price. My cousin was going to do all of this for me as he has a paint booth and was unemployed, but he is working againg (A LOT) and I wanna get the ball rolling.
Introductions / Re: Ruby67

Got a picture of your car from the cruise Saturday

Thanks for the pic!
Introductions / Re: Ruby67

:hello2:  :crig4:

cool another really nice car   :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:  nice looking one at that.

She is a nice car and I love her, but the picture makes her look prettier than she is :)
Introductions / Re: Ruby67

(With a little better planning we could have had 3 67's lined up during the cruise.  Next time.)  :driving: