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Calendar of Events / Re: Volksters Annual Beach Cruise
Don't think Bob and I will be making it this year. Flowerpower is stuck in the driveway needing a new starter.   :cry:  We've also got our Company dinner Saturday night we're obligated to go to.  You'll have to play bolo with out the Woodburn duo this year.  So sorry. -charlotte
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: 65 sunroof bug
Oh boy!  Wait until I show my Bob what you've got there Jeff.  He's been wanting his own bug for some time and you've got what might be the ticket.  I see Canadian plates...does that mean we'd have to get it licenced in Oregon, etc?
Calendar of Events / Re: VW Night at 99W Drive-In
We are leaving Woodburn around 6:30. Will probably get stuck out on 99E in the sun. Ugh
Calendar of Events / Re: VW Night at 99W Drive-In
Well, I'm hoping you can get a scavenger hunt together Duane, that was the best last year! I've got my friend that's a driver here at FedEx that's going to hopefully show up in his Jetta and his toddler to talk shop about his rat rod he's been working on.  Supposed to be a heat wave on Saturday...everyone bring their coolers with cold drinks as we'll be in line for a while in the heat of the afternoon.  Also going to advise the local little Salem club (Capitol City VW Club) and see if we can get some of them to show up!
Calendar of Events / Re: VW Night at 99W Drive-In
Dang it!  I was hoping they'd hang onto Eclipse for one more week!  Oh well, everyone is usually passed out by the time the 2nd movie starts anyway.  Bob, Charlotte and Mike will be there and I'll be sure to bring my face paints again...that was fun!  I was wondering if Kirsten was going to get another scavenger hunt together....You're the BOMB Kirsten!!!!!   :D
Oaks Park on Saturday!!!  I'm all over that!
July***20th!  that makes more sense.  We're going to try and make it...Well, Michael and I at least...Bob will be sleeping...
I love live oldies bands and this sounds like an excellent time!  ;D
Hey Duane, you mentioned this upcoming event at the last meeting.  Can we get some more details?  I don't see it on our calandar...What time is the event?  I see it's on Father's day 6-20-10 and it would sure be a fun event for "Dad"!
I'll keep your spot by me open Kelli! Go meet up with the guys and cruz in with the bunch! :-*
Dang! that is about the coolest thing I've ever seen!  I bet they're few and far between out there now a-days if you can even find one.  Wonder what it does to the roof in the long run.  Probably couldnt do it with mine due to the sunroof.  I want one!!
FYI, everyone, this was a great show in a beautiful location on the Columbia River.  All on a vast expanse of lawn and the rain held off until we wrapped it up around 4pm.  FlowerPower's starter wire came off on the road over and we were push starting her till Dorian came to the rescue and crawled under and hooked it back up.  Thank you my hero!!  Sat under my new awning off of the bug and face painted all day.  I loved the chalk board VW bus they had, plus lots of fun for the kiddos.  Great show all around!
Calendar of Events / Re: Come Cruise With Us
You might see FlowerPower there if the weather is good.  Hopefully I'll have my new interior done by then. 
Calendar of Events / Re: 4th Annual Beach Cruise
Great pictures everyone!  I'll get mine on here in a day or so...especially of the bolo death champion!!
Calendar of Events / Re: 4th Annual Beach Cruise
A BBQ!  Great idea!  We will try and bring our 5' fold out camp table and anything else we can fit up on the rack.  I'll bring a good pasta/greek salad that's always a hit too.  I'm also going to pack the baseball mits and a couple of balls if anyone just wants to play catch, or whatever.  See ya'all there! -Charlotte
We love Long Beach!  But unfortunatly Mike's school picnic is this Saturday also and we :'(