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General Chat / Bug Run -- House of Ghia party
Will there be a House of Ghia party Friday before Bug Run? If yes, where will it be located? I ask because I understand Mike is relocating the business.
General Chat / Dubs & donuts -- 3/19
Where is it , now?
Calendar of Events / Maryhill Concours -- VW's featured
The Maryhill Concours d'Elegance this year is featuring VW. Near Goldendale, WA, out the Columbia River Gorge. As I read it, admission to the event is free for spectators. Registering a car is $15. Here;s the scoop http://goldendalemotorsports.org/Concours_de_Maryhill.html
General Chat / Bug In time
When do the gates really open? What's a good time to be there to be near the front of the line?
General Chat / March Dubs&Donuts
Are we doing D&D this month? Already did it? Been traveling, not paying attention.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Wanted: good T1, early2, 3 thermostat
Want one that is tightly contracted.

PM me if you have.
General Chat / VW Bus sells for a groovy $235,000
A 1955 Volkswagen (VLKAF) bus was recently sold for $235,000 by a German auction company, the the highest price ever paid at auction for one the iconic minibuses.


Keep fixin' up them split-window buses. One could be your IRA.
Started to clean up my engine lid and found lots of rust under the polyester spray coat. Need the later lid that has open space under the vent openings and uses plastic rain tray (don't need the tray). Can live with mild, surface rust. Can't live with dents or rust along lower edge.

If you have one, or know where there is one, PM me.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Seat-back- knobs
I need the two, large, seat-back-adjuster knobs from a late-1960's to early-1970's Beetle. These are the ones at the bottom, rear sides of the seat, with the four flats to change the seat-back angle. Want ones in good shape; mine are decomposed through electrolsis.

Will consider junk seat if these parts are still very good.
General Chat / Autosport -- Vancouver -- Closing
Another parts source going away, unless someone else buys the business. Owner is retiring. Selling out inventory, tools, and fixtures.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Allstate One-Wheel Trailer 1950-60's
Since I'm not going to have time to finish this, I hope someone else will do it. Here's the craigslist info.

Buy/Sell/Trade / Bosch horns wanted
Need a set (high and low tone) Bosch horns. These are the big ones with the slotted-grille face. If you have, PM me with pic.
Calendar of Events / Vintage VW Weekend -- Seattle
Info is now up. Has been a great show each time we have been there. Lots of Buses. Good swap meet. Note the new location.

General Chat / Split-window Bus saved
When you want a split Bus in the worst way  http://vintagevolks.com/page/deep-water-samba