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General Chat / Battery vs. Generator help!
Hey guys! So, for 2 days now I have come out to my car and it's been dead. Didn't leave the lights on or anything and was running fine the day before. Jumped it both times and it started right up. I was able to turn it off and start it again within an hour, no problem. Tonight, I am able to turn on the lights and the car tries to turn over but won't. Last time I couldn't even get it to turn over. Any opinions on what this could be?? Thanks!!
General Chat / Alrighty boys!
Need some advice about where I can get my car media blasted to bare metal and body work and/or paint done for a reasonable price. My cousin was going to do all of this for me as he has a paint booth and was unemployed, but he is working againg (A LOT) and I wanna get the ball rolling.
Introductions / Ruby67
Hi! I'm Rachel. I came to "Dubs and Donuts" today and you all seemed very nice (and a little insistent about me joining the site and or club  :rolleyes:)... So here I am! I drive "Ruby," a Ruby Red 67 Beetle, hardtop with a sunroof. I've had her a little over a year. My first VW was a yellow 69 hardtop that I was forced to sell (by my Dad against my will!). I then drove a new water cooled VW for a while until crashing it and returning to my true love... Old Bugs! A friend's uncle sold me Ruby. Since, I have converted her to front disc brakes and lowered her with 2 inch spindles, new tires to go along with that, new clutch, new exhaust and a multitude of other small maintenance over the last year. Heat is going to be fixed next week (yay!) and then she's ready for paint!! I drive her everyday and love every minute of it! Here are some pics. Hope to get to know you all very well!  :wink: