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Buy/Sell/Trade / Parts Cleaner
You haul it away you can have it!

Need it out of my way fast, so if you can take it by Wednesday it is yours. Details... Don't have any. It is a parts cleaning system but the pump died. It has a sprayer, basket and is big enough to hold a VW case and more.

Buy/Sell/Trade / Motor for Sale
1776cc Turn Key, kind of see bottom of my post. $2,500

•   Taped for full flow oil filter
o   Oil filter and Oil cooler with 180 deg thermostat included
•   CB Performance heads with 40x35 valves
o   044 cast heads (runs a ¾" long thread style spark plug)
o   http://www.cbperformance.com/catalog.asp?ProductID=77
•   Empi IDF 40 Dual Carb
•   55 amp Alternator
•   1.5 quart Sump
•   Scat C35 Cam
•   Scat Lifters (lightweight style)
•   Counter Weighted Crank (8 dowel)
•   Solid Rocker Arms
•   1.25:1 Rockers
•   Lighten Fly Wheel
•   Solid Aluminum Case
•   Degree Aluminum Pulley

This motor will need to be checked over. I had it running but it was back firing through the carbs. Don't know why and don't have time to work it out. The motor is complete from clutch to pulley just need a once over from someone other than me. Every thing is new except the case, crank and rods. They had about 1,000 miles on them before this motor.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Parts for Sale
I am cleaning out my garage... need to have less to pack up and move.

•   Early style fan shroud, wide style but no dog house (cannot run dual carbs with this one) $10
•   Used P&C I think 85mm $5
   Used heads match above P&C (stock) $5
•   Early style bumpers (distressed) came off a 1965 beetle $5
•   65/66 rear fenders L & R $10 each Left side still available
•   Stinger with header $10
•   Chrome stinger $5
•   Hide-away muffler $10
•   Engine cases $30 each (have 2)
•   Generators $5 each (have 3)
•   36hp style fan shroud for /dog house cooler style $20 [glow=red,2,300]Correction it is a standard fan shroud for dog house style... do not have a the dog house tins[/glow]
•   Solex 30/31 PICT Carb $10
•   Solex 34 PICT x2 $10 each
•   Air Breather (came off stock 1967 Bug) $5
   Intake Manifold single port $10
•   Intake Manifold dual port (complete) $10
•   Intake Manifold for a Single Weber IDF 40 $20
•   Engle 110 cam with bolt on gear and lifters $40
•   Manifold set for single port dual carbs (fits 34 ICT) $30
•   Heads cut for 90.5/92 piston 044 style with 40x35 valves $100 (2 sets)
•   Set of P&C 90.5 less than 1,000 miles of use $100

If you don't buy them soon they will be packed up and added to the moving boxes...
Buy/Sell/Trade / Dismantled 1967 Beetle
I am selling Dixie; my 1967 Beetle. It is completely dismantled so it is very much a project car.

The Bad:
Package tray is rusted out
Front clip was replaced and one crack need to be fixed
There are minor dents here and there but the car is sound
No motor

The Good:
The doors and trunk hood or still on it
The deck lid is in good shape
It is a rolling car, wheels brakes, transaxle and more still in place
Have the minor parts; mirrors bumpers, gauge, interior panels, hub caps

I plan to keep the seats but for the right offer they could go with the car. It will have older style fenders and no I will not part it out.

I will work on posting pictures once i get the garage cleaned out. Working on that today.

Tech Help Cars / Engine sputtering
Drove to Portland and back today... The car has power enough to pull me up Sylvan Hill but it stumbles at times. Also when just driving at speed I can feel the car sputter and spit just enough I can feel the jerking.

Dual pic 34's in sync on the 1600 dp. Idle was a little fast once it got warm. going to try and back that down some but not until I figure out why the sputter.
Going to check for an intake leak, any other suggestions?
Calendar of Events / Cruise for the Cure 2011
Anyone heading north this year?

Join us on Sunday May 1st, 2011 (http://cruiseforthecure.net/)

The family and I are heading North late Saturday. We have to be at two soccer games (last one starts at 3:30) then we can head North. Maybe we can meet up for breakfast on Sunday!
Buy/Sell/Trade / Kitchen Appliances
We are replacing our fridge, stove/oven and dishwasher. All the units work fine but are about 10 years old. They are white. I can give more details if you are interested.

The fridge makes a lot of noise because a bushing in a motor failed about 3 years ago. Has not impacted the functions.
The stove is basic 4 burner over the oven. All electric. The clock/timer in the control panel it broken but can be fixed, I think.
The dishwasher is a built in unit (under the counter). Works fine no leaks.

As stated the units work fine, we just want a quieter fridge, a flat top range and if those are going to be stainless why not the dishwasher too.

I will consider any offer of parts (I own Beetles '67 and '65), cash or services.

Introductions / Smug
I am Glenn I have two Type I's a '65 and a '67.
My wife and I purchased Lizz (the '65) in 2002 and took about 4 years fixing her up.
We bought Dixie ('67) in 2007 and just started working on her this year. Planning a custom look as there is a lot of holes and dents... Can't restore it so we will make it something new (to us).

Projects - VWs only / Smug's Bugs
At the sound advice of Peter I am starting a Blog my bugs and the wife's.

Latest status, new to me motor (1600 dp) went in last week.
I noticed the return spring on the release arm (clutch stuff) was missing refer to Tech Help Cars - Removing Pulley...

Any way now I need to somehow get the cross shaft to stay centered so the T - O bearing can do it the job is was designed for. 
Tech Help Cars / Removing the pulley
Is there anyway to remove the crankshaft pulley without pulling the motor? I have the rear tin off but can't seem to break the bolt loose and doubt I can fit my wheel puller in the space. Is there a trick anyone can share.
My pulley is a little bent and I suspect the belt will fly off if I start the motor.
Calendar of Events / Drive to the Kites
Turn your sound down because we forgot to mute the microphone and it is all wind noise.
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/video/video.php?v=1482876005843&ref=mf[glow=red,2,300]<==link to video I think[/glow]

100_0160.MOV [glow=green,2,300]<===Try this one[/glow]

2010Kites.mov [glow=green,2,300]<===Non HD version[/glow]
Calendar of Events / North Planes Garlic Fest
Anyone going to the North Plains Garlic Festival? I will be there Saturday if your in the area let me know...
Tech Help Cars / Stalling Out
My car is stalling out on my after about 20 minutes of running. Starting out to the Tuesday Market the car started without too much trouble and seem to run great once warm. However as we got near the destination it started to stall and run a little rough. Then it all out died and would not start again. We let it sit at the event and it started up fine and as we headed home it seem to be doing good. got close to the house and it was running rough once more. Died before I could get it parked.

It is a single port motor with ICT 34's, Pertronix, Alternator so on. Does not have the dog house style fan shroud.
Seem to me it is over heating, thought as to why?
What else might it be?
What should I look for?

Buy/Sell/Trade / Type I long block
I am interested in buying a type I long block. Would prefer a 1600 dp but will look at any type I that is in good shape.
Calendar of Events / Spring Tune Up
Hey sorry been a way for a while...
I assume we are still doing the Spring Tune-UP and I am very much willing to offer my garage. Looking at the schedule I would prefer if we could do it on the 13th of March (Saturday). As a back up we could do the 20th.
The 13th works best as the timing between everything else is about right. I hope to have the week before to clean up a bit :)

IF we do the 20th that is fine I may just ask for a clean up day the week prior 8)

Let me know what you all would prefer.