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General Chat / See ya all around!
Well it is official. We are set to move to Merlin, OR next week. I am now a member of SOVW as well.  It has been an honor and a privledge getting to know you awesome guys!
General Chat / Moving
It is official... I am now employed in Medford Oregon. I will be starting on Sept. 9th.  I could use help loading my U-Haul on the afternoon of Sept. 5th (Thursday)... Pizza beer and soda will be provided.
General Chat / Southern Oregon VW Club
Anyone have contact info for these guys?  I am moving on the 6th of Sept. to the Medford area.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Type 3 stuff
Hey all, I am moving to southern Oregon in a couple of weeks, and I have too much stuff!

I have glass (rear quarters and rear window).  I also have an entire rear decklid.  Various engine tin parts, probably enough for an entire engine.  I will take any offers for this stuff, we have enough to move!
General Chat / Window install SHOP DAY
Hey all, I would like to have some help next Saturday 8/17 to get the windows in the squareback. It is ready for them now!  There are 6 to put in all told, so if you can help or you want to learn, be at my place at about 10:00am.
General Chat / Low profile tires
Hi all, I wanted you to know that the Hillsboro American Tire Pro shop (right by Hillsboro towing) has 165 45 15 tires in stock, mounted and balanced for 170 bucks a pair.  They are Federal Formoza.  Super low profile, great for slammed cars, and much better contact area than 135's.
HELP!!!  I am SO close to having a running car, but my starter is shot... Does anyone have a starter I could beg, borrow or steal? I have no job thus have no money...  I may be able to trade some stuff.
Hi all, I am developing a bit of a pet peve. If you have an add on here, and you sold the item, or gave up on selling it, can you delete the thread?  It would make it easier for everyone.

Rant over
Calendar of Events / Headliner install shop day
Anyone up for a shop day to help me install the headliner in my squareback?  Could be a good chance for those who have never done one (myself included) to learn from those who have done it (you know who you are).... I am thinking this Saturday, March 30th or the next one, the 6th of April.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Wheels for a type 3
Hey all, I am looking for 5 of these wheels. Turns out the Type 3, as well as IRS ghias, used a different back spacing to clear the fenders. 

4 1/2Jx15
68 1/2 -up
Karmann Ghias All 4 lug Type 3's and Type 4's
Correct for

There is a stamp on the webbing between the lug holes... I will take any I can get, singles, etc...

Buy/Sell/Trade / Need one stock wheel... 4 lug
Hi all, I am looking for one steel stock wheel, standard width. let me know if you have one, and how much, OK?
Buy/Sell/Trade / headliner for squareback?
Hi all. Looking to get / borrow a used or new headliner to make a pattern from as my wife wants to help me make a headliner.
Hi I need door pannels to make a pattern from, they can be totally trashed as long as the board is there. Or I could borrow a set of decent ones from soemone whose car is down?

Looking to get a pressure plate, non empi brand, need a 1700lb one for my 1956cc stroker.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Window seals for a Square
Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any window, tailgate, trunk etc. seals around for a square they want to part with?  The only ones I have at this point are the door seals.