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I have been holding onto this filter and fluid for years.  I haven't even had the car for it in over a decade!  :rotflmao:  Time to let it go.  I have 3 quarts of the tyranny fluid though I thought I had 4. If I find the other quart it will go too.
$30 for it all. 

Text me at  360-450-7020
  Thank you!

Projects - VWs only / Re: Wolfsberg 55 Single cab
Damn!  I wish I could get my bug going at a 1/4 the speed you get your stuff done.  THat will be sweet when you are done.
General Chat / Re: Removing paint.
This auto paint forum that I go to from time to time suggests using a variable speed sander/polisher with hook and loop sand paper.  Using a variable one lets you go slow <1000rpm to minimize heat.

Projects - VWs only / Re: 56 Jungle Green
I'm pretty sure I saw you pulling the trailer down 14 today.  The car and trailer look good! 
Projects - VWs only / Re: 56 Jungle Green
That's looking good!   :2up:
Projects - VWs only / Re: Donovan's '68
Well, I haven't updated in quite some time so I guess it's about time.  Progress has been extremely slow do to money and divorce but I have gotten a few things done.  Let's see.  I got the hole in the driver's side rear quarter panel welded up, the dent in the front apron removed, and the rear apron replaced. I got those things done last summer.  Wow has it been that long? Dang!  A couple weeks ago I dropped my pan off with J and had him install a couple of pan halves I got off of CL for $100.   :2up: Along with that he installed a clutch tube in my autostick pan.  Of course '68 was the only year they didn't put clutch tubes in the autostick models.  Oh, and while it was there I had him narrow my beam 3".  Next up is to clean up the pan and coat it with something and put the body back on it's original pan. Well here are some pics.

Rear quarter panel before and after.

Front Apron

Rear apron

New Pan


None of the better cars are available in the US. It is like we are the red headed step child of Vw. We get the chopped liver of their lineup ha ha.

Maybe they still hold a grudge about losing the war.  :dontknow:
That is a sweet car!
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: VW Parts
What do the seats look like?  Do they have the huge head rest?
Ok, text sent.   :2up:
How much would you like for the parts?   The other part is the rear seat  stops.

I'm in need of the brace that the rear seat rests on and the latch plates for the upper part of the seat for my '68.  All mounting hardware needed would be great too.  Oh and I need the bolts that hold the back rest on.  Anyone have any of this stuff lying around?
Buy/Sell/Trade / Rear Deck lid brackets
Does anybody have a set of deck lid brackets including the flat metal pieces lying around that they would be willing to part with?  I just realized that I don't have them and well  I kinda need a set.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Autostick Transmission
Looking to offload my autostick transmission.  I don't know much about it.  The PO said it was smooth and it seemed to be fine the one trip up and down the street that I took it.  I have it on CL for $300 but will go lower for a member.

WOW!!  That looks great!  You did an awesome job.