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Introductions / Re: 1969 (soon to be) in NoPo
Wow, that mechanic didn't check the points.. he couldn't have. The contact surface was totally fried. So I replaced the points and set the gap, and the car is running a lot better. I also noticed the contact points on the distributor cap were pretty thrashed too, so I'm going to replace it tomorrow evening.

Before I took the points out, I did check the gap, and it was a little wider than .016. I suspect that was first in line of the problems I was having. I don't know, but I'm assuming it wouldn't have been missing that badly even with the bad points, and that's why it was running fine before the car was shipped. Maybe they lost the correct gap somewhere along the 1000 mile trip up...?

Thanks everyone for the help. Sorry for being a little skeptical.. I have a feeling I'm going to learn to expect the unexpected with this car.   :driving:
Introductions / Re: 1969 (soon to be) in NoPo
and the fuel filter is brand new.
Introductions / Re: 1969 (soon to be) in NoPo
Well, the mechanic had it running well... in California (at appx 500' elevation). There wasn't a problem before we brought it to the mechanic. My dad brought it in to have the valves adjusted, oil changed and a diagnosis. I'm still curious if the cooler weather could have something to do with it.  We trust the mechanic did a fine job. As I said, the car ran fine when it was put on the truck.. the only difference is the location and weather.  :dontknow:

One of the biggest reasons I bought the car was to have something to tinker on. I do electro-mechanic type work and air cooled engines have always been interesting to me.

So yeah, I'll get my book out and check the points and timing.
Introductions / Re: 1969 (soon to be) in NoPo
We had a vw mechanic do a full tune up and that was all checked, set. My dad said it was running great right before he put it on the truck.

Is there any truth to the cooler climate having an affect on VW's? Not that it's a bad thing. Germany isn't the freakin' desert, so I assume these cars should run fine in cool weather. I guess what I mean is, does cooler climate require different adjustments on the engine?
Introductions / Re: 1969 (soon to be) in NoPo
Hey everyone. I just got the car up here today. I ended up having it shipped on a car hauler semi. Anyway, the car ran really well in California. Last time I drove it the weather nice, around 80-90? out.  It's not running terrible now, but it seems to bog a little when I shift up into a new gear. I'm new to beetle engines; I've read that cooler climates may require carb or timing adjustments. I dunno? I have a giant stack of VW manuals and I also bought a new "How to Keep Your VW Alive" manual. Can you all point me in the right direction on how to troubleshoot this problem?

I'm looking forward to going to the next club meeting!

Introductions / Re: 1969 (soon to be) in NoPo
whutoh.. my dad took some pictures for me!

I'm looking for a passenger side door. Apparently the original door got pushed too far open and caused irreparable damage to the door and hinges. I wonder how hard it is to find a faded red door.  :dontknow:
Introductions / Re: 1969 (soon to be) in NoPo

That is a good lookin' car....

I have a red......ish car with black rims as well.


Awww! Twinsies....ish! Cool car!

Introductions / Re: 1969 (soon to be) in NoPo

It's gonna suck having to wait until December to drive it again!

At least I have these three pictures.  :driving:
Introductions / Re: 1969 (soon to be) in NoPo

Looks like I may be able to get a temporary registration to transport it. I might still have it shipped though. I wish I had it today so I could drive it to the meeting tonight... next time
Introductions / Re: 1969 (soon to be) in NoPo
Does anyone know if I can transfer the title and register it in Oregon without the car actually being there? The tags are one month expired in California, and I don't want to have to renew with CA.. but I also don't want to drive it a 1000 miles with expired tags.

I might just have it shipped.  :dontknow:
Introductions / 1969 (soon to be) in NoPo
Hey everyone, I just bought a 1969 Beetle while visiting family in California. I'm coming back down in December to bring it home.