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finding the short..
Anyone have a dry place i can pull in to figure out where the short in my headlights is?  My right city light and marker light wont work..:(
I need to replace my right headlight unit as a whole, previous owner melted it somehow and highbeam socket doesnt fit right, in fact, the retainer clip is missing! Even if i can get the front half of the car in out of the cold it would be great!  My leg dont do so well in this weather...
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Re: finding the short..
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Sure wish I did. But I am in the same boat. I just have a covered tent thing to keep myself dry... But not warm. I may have access to a shop in Beaverton soon though to work out of.
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Re: finding the short..
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My garage is so full of the random crap that just needs to be put away it looks kinda like it should be on that hoarders show.  So I work out in the weather also.
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