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I located the problem and I rebuilt all the linkage so I know that's not the problem... Looking for someone who has opened the fifth end of the gearbox
Tech Help Cars / New to the vw gearbox need a friend lol
OK I bought a 92 Jetta Carat 8v base model. Put a newer 8v motor, rebuilt the shift linkage where it went bad, put a Pacesetter header on cause had a shattered one on old motor and some crazy doughnut flange never seen before so went with what I knew and went aftermarket cause it was a lot cheaper lol, did away with the brand name clutch cable and went manual adjustable, changed and flushed all fluid and put the right fluid in (ie G11) and the right gearbox fluid and power steering fluid, deleted AC, new cap and rotor, plugs and the right plug wires ( didn't need MSD if you don't have all the other parts to support the need for the wires). So now I took it to work and lost my bran new clutch??? Shifted into 4th had to pull the peddle up went to the floor? Shifted into 5th, no cable? Please help? Brother is ASE mastertech and helped me till now... Go figure he doesn't know why it has no clutch! I can only do what I know so might just buy a new gearbox... Don't want to cause its a MK2 gearbox and worked great till I fixed everything else I really need help ASAP Please.