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Cool thanks. Now that my mk1 has arrived there are some more pressing issues.
Mainly the windshield. Anybody have suggestions for a glass place in town that may stock?
Need a windshield asap. Any leads on glass places that might carry them?
Also a dash and seats. Unlikely I know.
Parts for mk1s are like unobtainium.   :sad:
Introductions / Re: Ready to rock a 'rocco
My 1980 mk1 arrived from CO yesterday. Runs and drives great, though a little low idle when cold.
Now the adventure begins!

Introductions / Ready to rock a 'rocco
I recently rekindled a love of mk1 Sciroccos. I owned an S in the early '90's and have missed it ever since it met an untimely demise. I am somewhat handy under the hood, but am looking for a good VW mechanic to help me with some of the bigger projects I have planned (engine swap, lowering, etc.). If anyone has any recommendations it would be appreciated!
Hello! I recently got motivated to start a mk1 Scirocco project after seeing this on BaT;
I had a 1980 mk1 when I was 19, and it remains one of my all time favorite cars I've owned.
My biggest complaint with my mk1 was the lack of power. An engine swap (like that '79 from BaT has) would be perfect.
While I am handy, I feel an engine swap might be a bit much for me to take on.
Can anyone suggest a mechanic that might be a good fit to partner with on this project?
I was originally going to reach out to Fix-Im Haus as they are near where I live, but saw there was a Yelp review that said they weren't a good shop for older model work.