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Buy/Sell/Trade / Watercooled engine work
Anyone know a decent shop in or around vancouver that can replace my head gasket cheap? I've got it disassembled down to the head.. looking at the twin overhead cam setup, I'm not sure I should be doing this in my driveway..? I need this done asap.. I've talked to a few local shops.. most of them have never worked on my engine before, so the quotes seem high.. (2500+) 
Calendar of Events / spring tune up 2014?
Are we having a spring tune up gtg this year? Where we havin it? 
Calendar of Events / spring tune up for 2013?
Hey all we gonna have a spring tune up/BBQ this year? Chuck is willing to host again..
Calendar of Events / Last big event of the summer?
Anyone know about the cruise-in in issaquaw?

Sunday, October 16 ยท 10:00am - 4:00pm



XXX RootBeer Issaquah WA

98 Northeast Gilman Boulevard

Issaquah, WA 98027-2529
looks pretty big.. Im cruising up to this one for sure.. whos in??
Calendar of Events / autosport int. event
Anyone know when the autosport event starts?
Buy/Sell/Trade / Very clean Ghia for sale.
Saw this sweet ghia for sale by my house. Talked to the lady who owns it. It has a 1300 motor, disk brakes up front and interior is super clean.. :2up:

If I had 8000 bucks id buy it!
Calendar of Events / Hot Dogs & Hot Rods cruise-in
This is on the third friday of the month begining in may on the 20th, through september. Free food, so you know i'll be there..
March 20th.  Its a good distance to drive, but looks pretty big. Im plannin on driving up...
Tech Help Cars / finding the short..
Anyone have a dry place i can pull in to figure out where the short in my headlights is?  My right city light and marker light wont work..:(
I need to replace my right headlight unit as a whole, previous owner melted it somehow and highbeam socket doesnt fit right, in fact, the retainer clip is missing! Even if i can get the front half of the car in out of the cold it would be great!  My leg dont do so well in this weather...
Projects - VWs only / Lil white Rabbit now thumps!
So I decided to play installer and took four hours to put this boston acoustics 500w amp and subs in my car. Runnin a plain pioneer deck to stock speakers, amp is driving two 8" kicker comp speakers in sealed truck boxes. mounted fuse block on the front of the battery box. My lower back is killin me, i also discovered what happens to my leg when out in the cold too long...ouch!
Website Issues / cheapest place for suspention work..?
hey all,
was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on who to go to about putting better springs in my car? Double J is pretty close to me...
Tech Help Cars / question about swaybars...
Question: It doesnt look like swaybar tech has changed in the last ten years, but what do i know?  My question is: Is it a good idea to only put a rear swaybar on or should I get both front and rear? When i had my scirocco in the 90's I was told to get both...
Introductions / Noob..Sorta..
Hey all!
My name is Matt.  I bought a '07 rabbit a month ago. It is still pretty much stock but,  Im very excited about mods and customizing it.  Ive lived everywhere from Seattle to San Diego, but spent most of my life in portland.  Ive spent many hours under VW hoods. weather my friends rides or mine.   Ive owned a bug, a scirocco and now my rabbit.  Its funny how i started with the interest in motors with VW's in high school, moved on to american engines and had a vintage harley for some time, wich is why im back to VW's, u see, in oct of '08, I was in a seriously bad accident on that harley.  Long story short, lil old lady pulled out in front of me, I had enough time, room and skill to just get sideways so i didnt die.  End result: whole right side of my body was shattered, permanently handicapped, cant ride anymore, Still learnin how to walk proper, wife of 12 yrs left cause she "couldnt handle it anymore.." so here i am!