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Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: early style front fender
i got a fender if you are still looking
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Bosch horns wanted
if you are still looking for a set ive been debating selling the set i have, they are NOS in the box and have the complete wiring loom and NOS in the box also
text me ill dig them out and send pics 503 577 1033
i have that stuff, not sure what you mean by the plates that holed the rear back rest?
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: wiper motor SWF
i have a few 67 only 12 swf motors, also have a few 6 volt ones too 503 577 1033 text me if you are interested ill get them out
not anymore sorry
General Chat / Re: 67 bug
I have handles but need keys made for them which is cheap, think I have 4 or 5 I'll get a pic for ya
General Chat / Re: Avery's
Steve? I heard it was another guy that worked there a long time ago but the are moving back up to Avery's, going to try and go up Friday if mike is up there if anyone needs anything let me know and I'll look
Buy/Sell/Trade / Wanted aftermarket rims
Looking for some aftermarket rims like brm's sprint stars etc. looking for singles to sets for my cars
Projects - VWs only / Re: New '66 Project
damn haha
Buy/Sell/Trade / down sizing on parts i just dont need
i have a 61 body ive been cutting up so if people need sheet metal

irs pan, roller with old drop spindals may have title just gotta check the vin and match it up

door handles from ices picks to super beetles

lots of earlier speedos

random switchs and ignitions ( some with keys some without)

a couple of 009 bosch distributors

good 40 horse long block with some tin and exhaust

rebuildable 1600 dual port, turns over by hand, may sell with dual kadrons and 019 blue screamer dizzy

wood slat roof rack in very nice condition

and some other stuff, if you guys need something hit me up and ill take a look around

Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: front window glass 64 Bus
i think i have the fixed glass if you still need it

503 577 1033

Buy/Sell/Trade / looking for a oval pan and title
just bought another oval, looking for a pan and title for it, has a irs pan under which i want to sell or trade if anyone is interested

Projects - VWs only / Re: The Catbox files...
damn that sucks
Projects - VWs only / Re: 1965 notch
thanks ill be posting more pics of it later this weekend, just moved into a shop so been busy with that