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Re: local engine builders recent reviews?
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I know... the webers were way overpriced... He said it needed a custom fabricated linkage and nothing "works out of the box". I had to go back the next day because the carbs were only opening less than 3/4 with the peddle to the floor... due to the angle of the cable pulling on the linkage. so they tack welded up an extended arm "free"... he said it opens 90 % now... It still had enough power to blow my tranny in 4th apparently  :2down: , but I would expect 100% opening on a purposely built carb setup...

Sounds like the mechanic needs to go back to mechanic's school, if he can't make it work right.

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Re: local engine builders recent reviews?
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Did you only pay for 90% ?

That would bother me alot.

Go back and ask for 10% of your money back.....
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