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16v swap
So....after our jetta wagon got totalled I picked up a 1990 GLi 16v 2.0, power recaros, BBS's and some other fun things, but i hate the 4 door aspect of it. So im looking at buying a golf, or a jetta coupe of vortex, so what im wanting to do it swap my motor, interior,quad setup, rims, ect. but i dont know how to do the 16v swap. Any of you guys done it or wanna help me do it? let me know your price and ill pay you if you want.
I also will have a GLi rolling chassis if anyone needs it?

16v swap
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What type of Fuel injection? I think it's either Mo or digifont is it not? You could do Megasquirt. I can build it for you and Rob is the guy to talk to for help on the setup etc.

What type of engine do you have currently?

16v swap
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i have a 16v 2.0 thats in my 1990 GLI, but i wanna yank it out and drop it into a coupe or a golf, im gonna try and buy the golf but im waiting to hear back from this guy. i was told that my cars cis-e, but i dont know anything about the different wiring! i wasnt gonna do megasquirt yet, i want to but that would be later on after i  could save up somemore

16v swap
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I'll lend a hand 8)

16v swap
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Sounds fun! When?

16v swap
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r u willing to sell any parts off ur jetta ? if so lemme kno i need a few things 4 mi 91 carrat .....thx