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Would like to propose a Cruise
Let's get together and Cruise somewhere,,,anywhere. The Beach? Saturday Market? The Seattle center?? The Magic Forest?? I don't know just throwing out some ideas, Lets hear more. Hell it's that time of year and I think one of the best ways to get new members is to be seen around as a group. One Dub driving down the road by itself is nothing to notice, but 6 or more is something people will pay attention to. We can get stickers made for really cheap (I have a couple designs to present) and if we sport some colors and make ourselves known I think we would get more members.

Also it seems as if we have at least 3 people that need a coat of paint maybe we should look at securing some type of location and having a shop day for paint and body??


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Would like to propose a Cruise
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Now I am pumped to cruise.  Keep these ideas coming people.  Tomorrow's our monthly meeting, let's get some plans in place for this summer's activities and fun.

Who's got a shop that they would let the Volksters paint a few cars in?  I think RCV could pay for plastic and tarps to prep the work area.  Bring your car and paint and it's on.  We could probably do about three cars in a full day.  I have a car and paint so the line starts behind me....

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Would like to propose a Cruise
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I'll check around for a place to paint... I have a couple people/places in mind, but need to check if they are open to the idea.

I'm in for a cruise!  Someplace local is ideal since my car isn't quite "reliable" yet.

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  I am interested in a cruise or cruise, however I am out of town more than I am in town, but if my schedule allows, I am there. By the way, I was wondering, I plan to attend the meeting tomorrow night, I have my stepson that may want to ride along. Is there any problems with that?



Would like to propose a Cruise
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As long as he dosn't drive a Rice Burner he is welcome. Actually that is a joke even if he drives a Rice Burner he is welcome we will just make him sit at the back of the bus :-) Ok, ok that is not entirely true, all are welcome, some are just picked on more than others,,,especially if they drive a Rice Burner. Unless it's a motorcycle,,,or a watercraft. Ok well so maybe it won't make a difference what he drives...maybe he dosn't even drive at all,,,maybe he rides a bike...Ah hell, just bring him along, and we will see you there.

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Would like to propose a Cruise
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Your welcome to use my shop to paint in. I have a big compressor. Just no HVLP gun. Suggest the plastic as it's quite dusty.  :lol:

I wont be able to make a weekday meeting. Have to pick up the daughter in Lafayette by 6pm from daycare...
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Would like to propose a Cruise
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i suggest a cruise to ryan house to paint some cars.  Also so i can meet him and find out if he still wants a new hvac system we spoke of a while ago(hint hint nudge nudge know what i mean know what i mean).
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