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Calendar of Events / Rose City Volkster Monthly Meeting - October 2016
Last post by BuginU2 -
The monthly meeting of the Rose City Volksters will be held Tuesday October 11th at 7:30pm.  We meet at the Beaverton Round Table Pizza (Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy).
Introductions / Re: Time to continue working on the Bug
Last post by corradojeff -
no, thanneys bug does not have the mushed noes. it is how it has been
Buy/Sell/Trade / 1968-1969 VW Beetle Parts Large Batch
Last post by BuggyDad -
I am selling the leftover parts from my 1968 VW Beetle Restoration Project. I did a full tear down to the frame and rebuilt everything, so I have lots of parts left over, some new in package, some from the original bug. I have a custom built steel body dolly and sawhorses for working on the main body, so you can work on the chassis separately.

This isn't the complete list of the tiny bits, but should give you an idea of what I have. I want to get rid of the whole thing, saving the hassle of pricing/haggling/meeting repeatedly for smaller items. The tires and wheels alone are worth $500...but if you show up with $500 cash, the whole batch is yours. I can deliver to Eugene with some coordination, or Oakridge/Westfir or in between.

See all photos here (too many to upload to craigslist: http://wanderlustroadshow.com/sale/ )

VW Front Hood with Vent Holes   68-69
VW Rear Hood   68-69
VW Windshield and Rear side windows and gaskets   68-69
VW Set of New Tires, 4 Bolt Powder Coated Wheels, half moon cubcaps   68-77
VW 2 1/2" Drop Spindles, Pair, Ball Joint, 1966-77   68-69
VW New Rear Floor pan braces   68-69
VW Front and Rear Chrome Fender Guards   68-69
VW Ashtray   68-69
VW Number Plate Light Seal VW Beetle 1964 on   68-69
VW Grommet, Speedometer Cable Thru Body   68-69
VW Grommet, Speedometer Cable, At Spindle   68-69
VW Lens, Taillight, Left/right (Red/Red)   68-69
VW Chrome Ring Tailight   68-69
VW Housing, Left Tail Light, Used   68-69
VW Turn Signal Assem.,Left/Right Front   68-69
VW Switch, Turn Signal   68-69
VW Handle, Front Hood and Latch   68-69
VW carburator Sonex Bosol   68-69
VW Various Relays and Washer Pump   68-69
VW Hologen Sylvania Headlight   68-69
VW Chrome Decklid Spring, Each, Beetle & Super Beetle   68-69
VW VW Defroster Vent & Air Cleaner Pre-heat hose, 1" ID   68-69
VW Replacement Pocket (console pocket)   68-69
VW 3 pin emblem   68-69
Taillight Bezel Seals
Part # 111945235C   68-69
Hinge Covers Part #113-129B-WH 68-69
VW Door Switch Seals Part #113947565A   68-69
VW Door Handle Seals Part #111-209B   68-69
vw master cyl boot 1968 beetle   68-69
VW Original Seat Upholstery, (Fronts) 1970-72 VW Bug Sedan Basket Weave   68-69
VW Various Fuel and Brake Lines   68-69
VW Dashboard Handle   68-69
VW License Plate Holder   68-69
VW Fuel Pump   68-69
VW Glove Compartment Latch   68-69
VW Frame Stand Sawhorses   All
VW Body Off Chassis Body Dolly   All

This is easily worth $1500, but the summer is gorgeous and I have better things to do that become a parts store. Some VW nut will make a great deal!

Email me with any questions, and a place/time you would like to meet.

General Chat / Hillsboro Tues. Market Tues. 8/30/16
Last post by Beatlesfab4 -
Hillsboro Tuesday market want to invite us back, (car show).
Tuesday Aug. 30th  4:30-8:30pm, rain or shine.
Entrance is on 2nd and Lincoln in downtown Hillsboro.

23window band will be performing that evening, its the last Tues. mkt of the season.
Hope to see everyone,  the rustier the better. :)

Calendar of Events / Hillsboro Tues. Market
Last post by Beatlesfab4 -
Hillsboro Tuesday Market want to invite the Rose City Volksters again. (car show).
Tuesday Aug.30th from 4:30-8:30pm rain or shine.
Entrance: 2nd and Lincoln (downtown Hillsboro by the court house)

23window band will be playing that evening, its the last Tues. mkt of the season.
Hope to see you all there.

Thank you!
Introductions / Re: <--- New kid
Last post by Nacho -
Introductions / Re: <--- New kid
Last post by Revs71 -
word :cheers:
Introductions / <--- New kid
Last post by 360ccd -
Well hello all!
Projects - VWs only / Re: Revs 71
Last post by Revs71 -
Some Trailer stuph

Trying to find the grease seal for the hub of this thing is impossible...so I had to get creative.

Projects - VWs only / Re: Revs 71
Last post by Revs71 -
Finally getting something worth posting again....

I had a great year at the bug run.  Picked up some fenders for the '63 and found a frame from a 50's era Allstate single wheel trailer for a price that I couldn't pass up.

The Wheel bearings have been a bear to find but I finally got em pieced together.

I found brackets too but the guy wanted almost as much for them as I paid for the trailer...so I decide to make my own.

I also put this together in the last few months....it was a nice diversion