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General Chat / Happy New Year
Last post by Nacho -
Happy New Year everyone.  :headbang:
General Chat / Bug Run -- House of Ghia party
Last post by sdebaker -
Will there be a House of Ghia party Friday before Bug Run? If yes, where will it be located? I ask because I understand Mike is relocating the business.
General Chat / Hello 2017!
Last post by nickdesantis -
Happy New Year! The Ice is flying everywhere?  Anyone doing any projects this winter?  I got my '79 convertible running on the last day of sun in 2016 after a couple of years, so I am hoping to be running around in the spring.  I do need to fix the horn though...  I added a "67 steering wheel that required me to weld in the '67 splines on the '79 shaft.  I will dig up a picture or two if I can.  As soon as that was done, the '67 steering wheel hit the wiper switch..... so there was some switch handle cutting and jb weld.  All works nice now, but the horn and signal switch kickoff lug needs to be worked on.  Not rocket science, but it is slow.
General Chat / Re: 5 wide wheels where to get balanced?
Last post by 64bus -
Someone told me if I took in a front hub that Les Schwab could mount it on that and balance it. Maybe I will give it a try. thanks
General Chat / Re: 5 wide wheels where to get balanced?
Last post by BuginU2 -
Process of elimination here.... I'm pretty sure that Les Schwab won't.  I seem to recall having Firestone (on TV Highway/Cedar Hills Blvd) being able to do it.  I've also heard that Discount Tire is 5 wide friendly.
Buy/Sell/Trade / WTB used Motor
Last post by RyanB -
Step son needs a good used motor. 1600cc is fine as long as it's complete. Like most kids, he doesn't have a ton of money, if you got something let me know.  Even a 1500SP would be fine.  Not looking for power, just something that runs...
General Chat / 5 wide wheels where to get balanced?
Last post by 64bus -
Anyone know of a place around St Johns portland Or area to get 5 wide wheels Balanced? Thanks Chris
Calendar of Events / Rose City Volksters Monthly Meeting
Last post by BuginU2 -
Rose City Volksters Monthly Meeting
Beaverton Round Table Pizza (6:30pm)
Buy/Sell/Trade / 74 standard Bug
Last post by ryan68bug -

Perfect daily driver, only faults are superficial aesthetics. Car runs, drives and stops great.  I would keep it if I could afford a second car, but gotta let her go.
Calendar of Events / Dubs & Donuts - October 15th
Last post by BuginU2 -
Monthly Dubs & Donuts gathering at the Krispy Kreme in Happy Valley - 9am to 10:30am