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General Chat / Re: 5 wide wheels where to get balanced?
Process of elimination here.... I'm pretty sure that Les Schwab won't.  I seem to recall having Firestone (on TV Highway/Cedar Hills Blvd) being able to do it.  I've also heard that Discount Tire is 5 wide friendly.
Rose City Volksters Monthly Meeting
Beaverton Round Table Pizza (6:30pm)
Calendar of Events / Dubs & Donuts - October 15th
Monthly Dubs & Donuts gathering at the Krispy Kreme in Happy Valley - 9am to 10:30am

The monthly meeting of the Rose City Volksters will be held Tuesday October 11th at 7:30pm.  We meet at the Beaverton Round Table Pizza (Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy).
Tech Help Cars / Re: Engine running VERY rough
Vacuum leaks around the manifold?  Check for leaks in the boots and at the ends.  Try spraying some starting fluid at the boots and ends to see if it changes the sound of the engine.
Tech Help Cars / Re: New VW Bus owner, tips?
Welcome the the site and I compliment you on your choice of vehicle.  Our family owns a 77 Riviera (we are the second owners).  Dave at D&M is a safe bet - he should be able to give your bus a good check-up.

I drove our bus down to Arizona and back last month (2800 miles round trip).  I went through at least a whole case of oil.  Aside from that - I didn't really have any issues.  Of course I carry a full set of tools when I go on trips like that.  Once you've driven it a few thousand miles you'll know how she sounds when happy.  Best part of having a camper bus - if you break down somewhere remote - you have a place to sleep and eat!

Are you sure the seals are leaking and not excessive condensation?  In the Northwest - it can be tricky to tell the difference.

Send me a private message and perhaps we can arrange a time to meet up over coffee or something and exchange notes on how these buses work.
Articles / Re: RCV Bowling
We will be there.
Articles / RCV Bowling
Several members have expressed interest in taking a road trip to Buses By The Bridge 20 in Lake Havasu Arizona this January.  The actual event starts on Thursday January 14th (pre-show) and ends on Sunday January 17th.


This is a bus show/camp-out.  They are expecting 500+ buses to show up this year.

I'm throwing this preliminary schedule out there to start the discussion for those that are ready for some serious driving.

From                    Depart On               To                   Arrive On                            Distance   Hrs
Portland                    Sat Jan 9th               Grants Pass           Sat Jan 9th                      240   4.5
Grants Pass              Sun Jan 10th               Napa                   Sun Jan 10th                     377   7
Napa                         Tues Jan 12th               Anaheim           Tues Jan 12th                     426   8
Anaheim                   Thurs Jan 14th 6AM    Lake Havasu           Thurs Jan 14th Noon         279     5.5
Lake Havasu             Sun Jan 17th               Las Vegas           Sun Jan 17th                     161   3.5
Las Vegas                   Mon Jan 18th               Reno                   Mon Jan 18th                     448   8
Reno                   Tues Jan 19th               Klamath Falls   Tues Jan 19th                     255   5.5
Klamath Falls       Wed Jan 20th               Portland           Wed Jan 20th                     281   6
                                                                                                          Total   2467   48
                                                                                                     Avg/Day   308.375   6


Articles / RCV Coatober

General Chat / Re: David Harburg
Thank you for posting this Ryan.  I held off posting about it until we had our meeting last night. 

Dave was one of the hardest working guys in the club.  After the Bug Run, he would help pack up everything... and then he'd help me pack my stuff up.  Always there to the very end.  He will be missed!
Articles / RCV Beach Cruise
Beach CRuise
A reminder that it is VW Night at the 99W drive-in today.  For those that are interested, we will meet at Al's Garden Center on Roy Rogers (depart at 3pm) and cruise to Newburg.  This should put us at the front of the line to get in.

The movies are Pixels and Ant-man.
General Chat / July 2015 Meeting Location
Our normal meeting location (Round Table in Beaverton) is wrapping up their remodel still.  However are going to go ahead and meet at the Beaverton location even if the banquet room is not ready! :)

July 14, 2015 - 7:30pm at Beaverton Round Table

See you there!
General Chat / Re: June 20th
Yes - the Krispy Kreme near the Walmart:

Krispy Kreme Clackamas
Shops At Otty
9950 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97086