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General Chat / Happy New Year
Happy New Year everyone.  :headbang:
Introductions / Re: <--- New kid
General Chat / 3 WEEKS
3 weeks till the Bug Run. When is the next meeting for all that are planning on helping?
General Chat / Springmeet
Who all is going to Springmeet this Sunday.
General Chat / Coffee and Cars
I was picking up some school auction stuff from The World of Speed, the PR lady said they host Cars and Coffee every Saturday from 8-11. So if your bored and want something to do on a Saturday morning, head to Wilsonville for....... Wait for it........ Cars and coffee
Good luck.  :headbang:
General Chat / Re: Great way to come back into ACVW!
Using the e-brake is baby steps to drifting  :driving:
Projects - VWs only / Re: Revs 71
Have you found a place locally to have it painted? And where is it. I need some estimates.
Projects - VWs only / Re: The Nacho Chronicles
I'm having problems posting pictures. So far I'm 85 percent finished wet sanding the car down. It has been suggested that I keep the car patina. Looking at the driver side of the car leads me to say no and to paint it. If I do paint it, it will not be the blue it is now. This winter, when time permits (wife at work and kids in school) I will start to tackle the brakes, I already know I need a new master cylinder. I'm also debating if I want the original motor rebuilt, part of me wants to keep it all numbers original, the other wants a bigger motor. But I have all winter to decide.

I will try to get some pictures posted. I'm have fun with this
General Chat / Toy Drive Cruise
What day is the toy drive this year?
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Roof Rack
Price drop....... 130
Introductions / Re: Introduction
Buy/Sell/Trade / Roof Rack
If any of you remember my 68 Beetle (whenever it was running) I had a roof rack on it. I'm selling the rack for 150 obo
General Chat / Re: Looking for PinStriping
Mitch Kim in Clackamas. Great pin striper and he loves VW's. I had him do my 13 Beetle and it looks great, he will listen to you and offer suggestions. Check him out on line
Projects - VWs only / Re: The Nacho Chronicles
As many as you know, I sold my 68 beetle over the summer. Last weekend me and my family drove to the Tri Cities and adopted a 1957 oval, we call the car "Rusty" (least I do.) Many questions have been asked, gonna lower it?, paint it or patina it? What size motor? I will post a pictures of Rusty soon  :driving:

I'm leaving it patina (for now), it will be lowered with a narrowed beam and disk brakes, Motor-I don't know. Right now all the numbers match.