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quick throttle cable installation question
Its one thing I have yet to do on a VW. It seems basic as pulling old one out. greasing up new one and shoving it down that tube near the pedal

is it really that easy?

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Re: quick throttle cable installation question
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The only time I have done this before I tied a string to the old one so i could pull the new one through.
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Re: quick throttle cable installation question
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Hardest part is pulling the little bent piece out of the actual throttle lever behind the pedal.

1) unhook the bent end from the throttle lever.

2) Unhook the throttle cable from the linkage.

3) Clip off the metal piece that secures the throttle cable to the linkage.

4) Take hold of the throttle cable at the pedal end and pull it out.

5) DO NOT USE GREASE! (It gums up and makes your throttle sticky) Thread your new cable from the pedal in the little tube back to the Blunder Bus (The little flared tube that goes into the back of the dog house)

6) Reconnect the cable to the Throttle lever (depending on how much clearance you have between the lever and the the linkage hump this can be a B) but DO NOT bend the curved metal piece to get it in. If you do it will haunt you later down the road.

7) Reconnect the cable to the linkage

8) Make sure you get full throttle (have someone put it to the wood while you look at the choke) you should see your stop stopped on the second tooth from the end. If you have full throttle make sure you have choke

9) Get into your newly throttled vehicle and drive to my house and bring me a beer for typing all this poop out!  8O  :D

Re: quick throttle cable installation question
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thank you
it worked and got old one out quick and new one in with ease..