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Beach Cruise-High Tide Warning
Hey Gang, Heads up.. For those who are rolling down here to the beach Saturday. High Tide is at 12:46 PM and it is a 7.6' tide. At this time, there will probably be no beach to drive on, But there is a parking lot at Del Ray where the event can be held. The Beach Clean up was last weekend, so most likely the ramps onto the beach will not be groomed. Please use caution if some of you make it onto the beach. If it feels soft and squishy while your driving on it, get off of it. We have seen several cars, suv's, 4x4's swallowed by the ocean this year. Attached is a Tide Chart. You are welcome to stop at Coast Hardware and regroup if would like. Depending on how sales are will determine if can go play too...See you when you get here...
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Re: Beach Cruise-High Tide Warning
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Thank you Jeff! I shared with our facebook followers too! Hope to see you there. Heidi Hunt