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Re: Club Membership Dues
Membership Dues Change Goes Into Effect July 1st, 2008!!

Rose City Volksters membership dues will receive their first increase in over 10 years.  As our club has grown and evolved so have the expectations of the club. To meet this increasing demand, starting July 1st annual dues will become $30.00 with renewal costs also set at $30.00.  Your first year will come with a free t-shirt as a "welcome new mamber" gift.  Each year after that annual dues will be due for renewal every July.  This is primarily an attempt to make the bookkeepping as easy as possible. Additional club t-shirts will now be available to members for $15.00.

All current members (members that join prior to 12/31/2007) will not have to pay their 2009 dues until 7/1/2009 but are still responsible for their 2008 dues upon their anniversary.  

It is the objective of your club and its officers to establish a new precident where club takes a more active roll in its membership activities.  An example would be while attending a bowling event the club will suppliment the lane fees so that it will only cost the members $1.00 a game.  Another example would be with the club taking a more active roll with the community and charities similar to the 2008 Spring Kick-Off benefiting The Oregon Food Bank where the upfront costs are always increasing.

The transition to the new system will be long and confusing. Please don't hesitate to ask questions.

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Re: Club Membership Dues
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The club voted during the June 2011 meeting to reduce annual membership dues to $15.  First year membership dues will be $20 and includes a club t-shirt.  This change is effective July 1st, 2011.