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PDX Bug-In
Good to see some Volksters at the show today!  I think there were 16 or more of us in attendance.

The was my first Bug-In... so I'm not sure how this typically compares to the Bug Run.  The car show parking area was setup better than Woodburn, it was easy to walk through the cars and didn't seem very cramped. 

I was there primarily for the swap meet... but left somewhat disappointed by the swap turnout.  I guess I'm used to the Bug-o-rama style swap meets.

Racing was pretty good.  El Presidente appears to have the fastest 3 speed VW around.  Mark... how far did you end up making it?

I did drop a club flyer on the seat of Matt Roloff's '66 Bug (see http://tlc.discovery.com/fansites/lpbw/lpbw.html). 

Overall, it was a nice day for a VW show.  I'm  prepping my car for what is likely it's last outing of the year... the 99W VW Night.