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Rose City Volkster Forum Rules
Forum Rules

The following rules apply to all the Forums on www.rosecityvolksters.com and any subsequent affiliated website, where posting is allowed:

No Hacking - This should go without saying, but you are not permitted to hack the board. Guessing someone else's password and succeeding counts as hacking.  Any use of the forums or member access that is beyond the permissions/allowances given to you by the admin staff or webmaster is strictly forbidden. This includes accessing any part of the website structure (i.e databases, layout, appearance, etc).  Members who are found hacking will instantly be permanently banned without any warnings.

No Discrimination - You may not insult members based on their religion, race, sex, political beliefs, or whether they are gay or straight. This is worse than flaming, because it also hurts other members of the board who fall into the catagory you insult. Rose City Volksters is a place where everyone is equal, and discrimination will NOT be tolerated!

No Bullying - Do not pick on other members. The worst kind of bullying is where new members are picked on. This hurts the member as well as the board.  keep in mind what may seem like innocent fun can be very hurtful to others, based on interpretation.  feelings are very often NOT conveyed in writing, so this should be avoided. 

No Flaming - Flaming harms the nice atmosphere of RCV. It also causes thread's to go off topic, and most importantly, it hurts the person being flamed. The victim may defend themselves against any accusations made to them, but may not make any additional accusations to the flamer (which also counts as flaming).  If the topic continues, it will be locked down and/or deleted.

No Profanity or Obscene Content - Such content does not belong on RCV. A censor system is in place as a backup. If you see words in your post being replaced with ****, you have done something wrong. Please edit your post and tone it down, or the moderators will do it for you and you will be warned. To edit a post, click the "Edit" button right below it. Cheating the censor system by changing characters (i.e. $ for S and @ for a) is not acceptable.

No Multiple accounts - Setting up multiple user accounts for the purpose of foregoing punishment, flaming/ranting about being moderated or punished, replying to heated topics, or for topic bumping, is not allowed.  User accounts found to be created by current users for this reason will be deleted, and the initial user will be held accountable and will be punished accordingly.

Rules will be followed by punishments.  If you break one of these rules, the following penalties will apply (first time, second time, third time...) with the exception of breaking the rule "No Hacking" which immediately results in a permanent ban:

  • Warning - Depending on how serious a violation is, you may be issued a warning first

  • Muting - Muting for 3 days, first offense.  You will be able to read the forum but not post

  • Muting - Muting for 10 days

  • Temporary ban - Users who cause more problems after being muted for 10 days will be banned for a month, and for 2 months for the next offense.  You will not be able to read or post in the forums.

  • Permanent ban - At this point, it is obvious that will never learn your lesson, thus, a permanent ban is necessary to be rid of the problems you cause.

The following rules are also important:

  • No Advertising - You are not permitted to make money using the RCV forums, (with the exception of the "classifieds" area.) You are not allowed to use the member list to obtain Instant Messenging screennames to harrass people to purchase a product from you.

  • No Illegal Activity - You are not allowed to break the law using RCV forums. This can get RCV into legal trouble. Posting links to roms is illegal, so this counts as a violation of this rule.

  • No Double Posting or Spamming - You may not post more than once in a row in the same thread. Posting lots of times in a row reduces the quality of the board and is a waste of the board's memory, not to mention difficult to sort through.  Double posts will be merged into regular posts and/or deleted.  making irrelevant or erroneous posts for the purpose of increasing post counts is not allowed.  If you have something to add to a post, please edit the original post.  Do not make an additional post.  Spamming is also not allowed, as defined in these rules below.

  • Topic Bumping - If a topic you created has no replies, you may not post again in it (although you may edit the post) More than once a week.  After one month the topic is deemed dead and subsequent bumps will not be permitted and will be locked down. If you made the thread because you need help with something, you may post again as long as you include additional information about your problem (the fact that you really really want it fixed does not count as additional information). You must post this in the same thread, and you are not allowed to create more than one thread per topic.

  • No Posting Personal Info - You may not post last names, addresses, personal emails, or any other private information not already accessible by users or guests of yourself or any other forum user unless explicitly expressed by the user. No posting of private coversations on open forums, such as PM's or Instant message "chat logs".  these forms of communication are designed to be private, and should remain as such.

  • No Threatening to Leave the Board - You may not make posts threatening to leave the board. This causes flaming to occur. Because of what a problem this is, We cannot issue a warning for violations. Anyone responding poorly to these threads will also be muted.

  • No Baiting - Baiting is defined as posting contraversial messages and/or visual reference with the intent, whether intentional or unintentional, to 'stir the pot" or provoke strong responses or flames.  Sarcasm can be viewed as baiting and should be avoided, within reason.

  • No personal attacks - Hurtful remarks or threats of any kind, whether intentional or indirect, will not be tolerated.  Also, sending Viruses, bots, or any other form of malicious material towards the website or users/guests therein is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate permanent ban

Spamming - Because spamming is a such a broad area, it must be more clearly defined.  Spamming is defined as:

  • posting nonsense or irrelevant material

  • excessive off-topic posts.  excessive means more than two, for those that wish to have a clear definition.

  • repeating posts

  • advertising of any kind, whether it be direct, indirect, or in the form of links

  • posting the same topic in several areas, or boards

  • blank responses or just responses with a smiley or single word

  • posting random or un-needed material for the sake of boosting post counts

  • irrelevant polls (i.e. a poll asking "who is awesome" with yourself as a choice, or a pole about the color of carrots)

Moderation of spam is at the sole discresion of the moderators and/or staff.  Not all spam can be effectively dealt with, but if it is deemed a problem, it will be dealt with by either deletion and warning, or locked topics.

The Following actions can and will be taken by the moderators in the forum as it applies to these rules and will include the punishments listed above

    • editing post content

    • removing posts

    • moving or splitting off topic posts

    • locking posts or topics

    • issuing formal warnings

The following are some additional notes to clarify the rules for those people who wish to nitpick:

1 - There are no excuses for breaking the rules. It doesn't matter if you were angry at the time and weren't thinking straight. It doesn't matter if you were only kidding around. If you break a rule, it does the same damage, regardless of your reasons for breaking it, and you will be punished all the same.  This applies to everyone.  If you break more than one rule, the punishments will stack up to a maximum of 2 months, or a permanent ban if neccessary. If a sentencing length is 10 days or less, it is a mute, otherwise, it can either be a temporary or permanent ban.  you may NOT post a message on behalf of a banned or otherwise punished forum member.  If your post is edited for content or other reasons by a moderator, you MAY NOT re-edit it.

2 - Officer abuse will not be tolerated. As an Officer member, your job is to help the people, not harm people or add to the situation. You may only use your powers for the purposes that they have been given to you for. There is no limit on how much you may be punished for this severe offense as this must be stopped at all costs to protect the people. This means that if you abuse your powers, you will be held accountable just as every other member on the board.

3 - Harassing the administration or moderators about punishments is not allowed. The admins and moderators are only trying to do their job, and many times they have to make difficult decisions. You may not publicly complain about or demand a reason for another users' ban, deletion of thread, or lockdowns elsewhere on the board, You will not harass a moderator or admin publicly or by other means including, but not limited to: private messages, instant messaging programs, email, telephone calls, and house visits. You also may not make threats against administrators (or other members for that matter...). Punishments for harrassment range from a 5 day mute for minor harrasments to a permanent ban if serious threats are involved.  If you believe your or another persons conduct was NOT in violation of these rules, or were wrongfully punished, then you may petition your case in PRIVATE MESSAGING or EMAIL, or direct report to moderator ONLY, and it will be reviewed by the moderator staff.

4 -  It is not the intention or desire of the moderators to play "word police". To that end we ask that you, as the postee, be the first level of moderation. In any situation there are several ways that an idea can be communicated and some will always be more acceptable than others. Please try and keep the perspective of all that may read your post in mind as you write. Remember that in purely written communication, such as this forum, it is very easy to miss-understand the intention of a post. What may seem like humor to you can be seen as an insult to others. If a moderator feels that your post may be seen as offensive to others your post may be deleted and you will be contacted by a moderator with a request that you reformat your post.

5 - Free Speech-This is a family oriented club and our club supports free speech and the rights of our members/forum visitors to express their ideas and feelings, however, this is still a forum that is operated by a private club and as such that club has the right to moderate it in any way that the club feels is most beneficial to the clubs interests. By registering or posting on the forum you are, by default, agreeing to be subject to the moderation guidelines set by the club. If you have a question or disagreement with how the forum is being moderated contact one of the designated moderators for clarification on the issue.  Please keep you posts in a tone that is appropriate for a family environment.  While we support free speech, certain topics and/or discussions do nothing but provoke negative comments and being a privately owned forum, we as a club reserve the right to 'censor" such topics or debates that do not pertain to club business or may be detrimental to the overall health and/or safety of the club and it's members and guests.  So we please encourage you to keep your political or religious views and/or beliefs to yourself.  This is a CAR club.
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