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VW's in the woods
HI All,  This fall we found a stash of VW's rotting away in the woods. We purchased them all (14 of them) and brought them all to our shop (Avery's Aircooled) where all but one now reside. There are three 23 windows, two split double door panels, a 56 oval, three 67 bugs and a couple of square backs, a Ghia Cab. a 15 window split and a split sundial camper.  I thought you might like to see the pictures we just posted on our site at                   http://www.averysaircooled.com/shop/buses_in_the_woods.cfm      
They are in really tough shape after sitting for 30 years or so. One but still had Mt St Hellens ash on it. We took about 275 pictures of these cars before we started moving them. It was almost like documenting a archelogical site.  Todd

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Re: VW's in the woods
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holly crap!!
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Re: VW's in the woods
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Wow...agreed, what a shame...I am sure you can find some usable parts....hell I saw a mirror, and a bumper I could use. I have been to Averys before, they will find a use for these...

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Re: VW's in the woods
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Does this mean that old VW's don't die, they just get put out to pasture??? ;D

In all seriousness though, that is a very sad site :'(
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Re: VW's in the woods
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i want one of the 23 window busses haha