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I need distributor help!
Im going to put a new distributor in my 1600sp.  The only thing im worried about it the placement, which i have no idea how to do,so some sort of help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: I need distributor help!
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Ignorant question: How do you know when the engine is dead center at #1 cylinder?

Re: I need distributor help!
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PLEASE do not go by the notch(UNTIL, you have verified the notch is at #1)! If someone put your distributer in backwards you will be 180 off (not that it matters in the least but it's better to learn the right way). Just do exactly what he said and it shows in the picture. EXCEPT the first time you do it follow the wire from #1 to your dizz then check the mark, if the mark is at #1 use the mark, IF NOT forget the mark and turn the rotor to #1 then make your own mark and use that. At that point the little notch on your crank pully "should" be at top dead center(or close to). If you would like to really make sure(once again not that it matters in the least) pop your valve cover and rock your crank back and forth if #1 valves remain still and #2 rocks your there.

Re: I need distributor help!
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wouldnt you be able to just take the old one out an dut the new one in, in exactly the same spot?

Re: I need distributor help!
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one thing I have always done to be absolute sure that I am at #1 TDC, is pop the valve cover off the number 1 side and pull the spark plug.  then grab a drinking straw or someting else long, skinny and not metal (as to avoid piston/valve damage).  rotate the engine over from the crank pulley until you can see that both #1 valves are shut (as Oldscool mentioned) and push the straw in the hole until you feel the piston pushing on the straw as you slowly turn the engine.  when the straw stops moving out and starts to go back in, stop and gently back it up, you have reached TDC.  now do as Oldscool says and check your #1 spark plug wire is in the right place on the dizzy and the marks on the pulley line up.  if not, make a new mark, as mentioned.  then remove and replace!  voila!   :afro: