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hello my name is Tim and I've been a vw fanatic since I bought my first bug 17 years ago.  I currently own this 67 you see above and have been steadily making progress on it.  Paint was done by a friend of mine, If I knew he was going to do such a great job I would have done more body work, but for a daily driver I think the dents here and there just add charecter.  I've been wanting to join a club for years but a very irradic schedule tends to keep me from committing.  But I would like to give it a try.  I work mostly swing shift, and most saturdays in the summer, but i would like to attend a few shows with the car this year, and meet some folks that have similar interest. heres how she's sitting now.

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Hi Tim,

  Welcome to our site, glad to have you here and look forward to you becoming a member of the club.
BTW, That is a nice looking bug you have there, mine currently looks like your's did at one time, the lovely primer grey. I have most of the exterior body work done, and I am currently re-primeing it whit one area at a time. I work out of town most of the time, so it is hard to go full force and knock it all out. Once I have it primed I will be doing my own paint job and hopefully have it looking like a new bug! Like I said, I work out of state alot and am unable to make it to alot of functions, but when I do get in town I make all the effort I can to meet up or get to a meeting, so don't worry, if you can only make once or twice, we understand!!
Hope to get to meet you soon and pick your brain about all sort of bug stuff. I have always been a bug fanatic, but just recently my wife purchased a 75 Bug for my birthday and when time allows, I do what I can.

Take it easy, and welcome to the site!!

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Welcome to the group my '67 Brother.  That is a nice looking ride you got there.  Glad to see that you found us and we hope you can attend a club meeting or get-together.  Our next meeting is just a week away and we have a monthly "meeting" at a parking lot Cruise-In out West in Aloha (see events calendar).  You are welcome to poke around and continue to post when you feel the need.

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welcome to the club, dude.
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Very nice lookin car my friend! Very nice indeed!
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:o thanks for the kind words, i hope to meet up with you folks at some point. A cruise looks like fun.