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General Chat / 5 wide wheels where to get balanced?
Anyone know of a place around St Johns portland Or area to get 5 wide wheels Balanced? Thanks Chris
Buy/Sell/Trade / Engine Tin
Well my sons motor is missing the rear engine tin on it , the piece that goes on by the pulley and heater hoses go threw it . So looking for rear engine can be rusted or old is fine. Thanks Chris
Buy/Sell/Trade / front window glass 64 Bus
We are looking for glass for front windows on the 64 vw bus . I cracked it when I pulled one out and the other is pretty cloudy..
Buy/Sell/Trade / Roof Rack for 67 vw bug
I have a friend looking for a Roof Rack for his 67 vw bug if someone is selling one thanks
Tech Help Cars / 6v to 12v relay and flasher?
So on our 64vw bus we put a 12v battery in it . Changed all the lights and but can't seem to get the turn signal sto light up? And the flasher is not making any clicking noise at all , It still has 6v flasher and relay in it , could that be the problem? When I do turn the turn signal on I get a loud hi pitch noise from a little round speaker under the speedo not sure if that was original or someone added it ? Headlights are working fine just the turn signals
So I got this from an engine I pulled . But I am thinking this throw out bearing is old style not sure . and if it is shouldn't the pressure plate have a centering ring on it ?
Tech Help Cars / Static timing ?
Heres a pic of my pulley it has three notches ? It's a AE153252 motor case single port. Which notch on the Pulley do I line up to Center crack of the Case? Thanks
So we bought this Deluxe Bus last year Nov 2011 I think but weather wise we haven't done too much yet. Will Post progress and pics slowly . :beat_deadhorse:
I want to change out the single Reservoir master cylinder to a dual Res . I seen this kit http://www.wagenswest.com/partstore/index.php/disk-brakes/1955-67-dual-circuit-bus-master-cylinder-kit.html $169.00 plus shipping charge $19.00 Total price $188.00 .  I also seen this https://www.wolfgangint.com/store/product/master-cylinder-adapter-kit-2611011/ for $43.95 plus about $9.00 shipping then I would need to buy a 71-79 bus master cylinder $42.00 and try to find a reservoir which sounds to be hard to find? Anyone have a cheaper solution ?? I also seen this I know it's for a bug instead of Bus but It's bored out to 20.6 MM was wondering if it would work ?? https://www.doghouserepair.com/store/item/8463/16-9554-master-cylinder-bug-67-79-206mm-for-use-with-disc-brakes-china-empi/ Thanks Chris
Buy/Sell/Trade / 1965 vw bug good parts $300.00
65 vw bug , No Title , no motor , no glass except drivers door , has tranny , good tires , pan in good shape small rust hole battery tray , and small rust hole drivers heater channel , fenders are welded on seamless ,  able to tow with tow bar $300.00
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Introductions / New member
Just wanted to say hi . we bought this 1964 13 window deluxe Vw bus for my 14 yr old son and i to restore