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Topic: Cruze-in Car Show - 9/22/2013 (Read 2254 times) previous topic - next topic

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Cruze-in Car Show - 9/22/2013
Some of you may know my day Job as a Lutheran Pastor.

One of the churches I am affiliated with is having a car show (3rd Annual) on September 22

I told them I would throw it out here and see if anyone is interested.  I was the ONLY vee-dub of any kind last year (and my car is a DD --> definitely not a show car)

The flyer is below.     You should know...if you're worried --> this show ISN'T about turning you to Jesus or anything.  Its about giving people who love old cars a place to come together.  Also, the cobbler is fan-tas-tic. 

I think the best route would be for anyone interested to make it known in this thread and I will shoot a count to the guy in charge.


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Re: Cruze-in Car Show - 9/22/2013
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Sounds cool. To bad the weather is going to be awful. This time of year you wouldn't expect there to be such bad storms.

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Re: Cruze-in Car Show - 9/22/2013
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It was HUMID!  :rotflmao:

We had a good time despite the weather...less than half the cars expected showed up (understandably) but there were still some nice cars out.  They will be doing this show again next year - same bat-time.  No cost...just cars, conversation, and cobbler

There were more cars...these are just the ones I liked.

My son was jumping on me while I was taking this crap-tastic photo.  I had the nicest (only) vw at the show!

Awesome 1940 COE

Great little 23 T

I love these Early 30's Trucks

Two 57 Chevys - a 2 door vert and a 4 door hardtop

if you're into these...

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Re: Cruze-in Car Show - 9/22/2013
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Gorgeous cars! I had to go out of town unexpectedly this weekend or I would have shown up. Didn't even make D&D  :2down:
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Re: Cruze-in Car Show - 9/22/2013
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Cool photos the man!
Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Cruze-in Car Show - 9/22/2013
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Love the cab over
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