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David Harburg
Well, I don't know if this is against forum rules or whatnot. I couldn't make the meeting last night as I was sick.  But David passed away last month.  The link below is an article that JbJetta sent me.  Very sad. Says that Mark was interviewed so I came here to look to see if there was a post and there was not. I know not everyone can make the meetings so I'll create this post and if it's a problem please remove it.

I didn't know David well, but talked to him often at every meeting and event we were at together. Very nice guy, and as the article say he was quite shy. He certainly had a passion for his VW's and will be a missed member of the club I am sure.

R.I.P. David.

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Re: David Harburg
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He certainly was a big part of our club and he will be missed! heidi

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Re: David Harburg
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Thank you for posting this Ryan.  I held off posting about it until we had our meeting last night. 

Dave was one of the hardest working guys in the club.  After the Bug Run, he would help pack up everything... and then he'd help me pack my stuff up.  Always there to the very end.  He will be missed!

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Re: David Harburg
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He was a great guy. He talked a lot to me from time to time about this and that. I went over and helped him put the engine back in his car after he had it gone through. He always tried to get Mandie to talk and stop being so shy herself. Definitely going to miss him  :cry:
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Re: David Harburg
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Sad fro sho.

I see photos now of he and his car and am saddened that he is now gone.
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