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General Chat / Re: Toy Drive Cruise
Last post by TotallyVW -
Saturday December 12th.
Projects - VWs only / Re: The Nacho Chronicles
Last post by Nacho -
I'm having problems posting pictures. So far I'm 85 percent finished wet sanding the car down. It has been suggested that I keep the car patina. Looking at the driver side of the car leads me to say no and to paint it. If I do paint it, it will not be the blue it is now. This winter, when time permits (wife at work and kids in school) I will start to tackle the brakes, I already know I need a new master cylinder. I'm also debating if I want the original motor rebuilt, part of me wants to keep it all numbers original, the other wants a bigger motor. But I have all winter to decide.

I will try to get some pictures posted. I'm have fun with this
General Chat / Toy Drive Cruise
Last post by Nacho -
What day is the toy drive this year?
General Chat / Re: October 22-Dinner Meet up
Last post by jbjetta -
Dang. I missed last meeting and haven't looked at site for awhile  :2down:
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Roof Rack
Last post by Revs71 -
wood slats or metal?
Introductions / Re: Introduction
Last post by CatBox -
 [move]:driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving: :driving:[/move]

That sounds like a blast to drive!
Projects - VWs only / Re: Revs 71
Last post by CatBox -

WTF do you need a backup tranny for? That Rancho is going to hold up to just about anything you can throw at it.

You have seen me drive.
You have been in the car with me.
If I have more than 44 hp, I could probably break something.
If I have a back up in the garage taking up real estate, then chances are nill that it will break.
If I were to get rid of said back up, bam!
Busted tranny.

That is just how it works.
Projects - VWs only / Re: 56 Jungle Green
Last post by CatBox -

updated pic of The Dirty Pickle

I was using this for reference.

Projects - VWs only / Re: The Catbox files...
Last post by CatBox -
I have been driving it since Tuesday and I am a happy camper.

The noise and smell was very missed.
I do have to fix the leaking valve covers as they saturated the heater boxes and they put out a ton of smoke right into the car.
I guess while I am in there I should check the valve lash as I have not touched it since I put the engine in all those years ago.
I might get some of the pep back if I do.

I may also redo the shifter rod bushing so I can tighten the shifter back up.
While I have it out I may also put in one of my Hurst shifters or the Bugpack Hurst knockoff that have been lounging around...
We shall see on Saturday morning.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Roof Rack
Last post by Nacho -
Price drop....... 130