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Brooks B5 Passat
 :crig4: So I just bought a 1.8t B5 Passat. It is black with chrome rims and everything else is stock and I need ideas of what to do to it. If you have an idea of what I should do to it please tell me.

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Re: Brooks B5 Passat
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Run as far and as fast as you can from it!!  :rotflmao:

I've only ever had but one B5 Passat and it gave me nothing but problems. I've heard other stories about the B5 Passats that are not too good. The B5.5 seems to have fixed a lot of the electrical gremlins though I don't think they look as nice as the B5 does.

That aside yours might have all of the kinks worked out or are one of the lucky ones with no problems.

As for what should you do with it... Well... It is your car. You should do it up the way YOU want to. Not go off what someone else wants. Customizing your car is about pleasing you and getting all of the enjoyment out of it that you would like. Don't listen to what others would do to your car ha ha. I mean... You can be a sheeple and follow what others do to try and be one of the "cool kids". Or you should choose your own path of greatness  :cheers:

But if you must know... I'd find some way to increase the oil capacity as the factory 4.5 quarts just isn't enough IMO. If you plan on driving it hard I would plan on either getting a turbo timer or learn to let the car sit and idle for a few minutes after a hard drive to let the turbo properly cool down before shutting the car off (helps prolong the turbo and turbo seal life). What ever you do don't granny it either. It is a turbo'd car and needs to be driven like one  :cheers2:

I'd also lower is some for better looks and handling. Also get all clear turns and tail lights, or black them all out. A nice banging stereo would be nice too.

And if you have lots of money to throw at it might as well get a bigger turbo, cam, exhaust, and performance chip to go with it  :2up:
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Re: Brooks B5 Passat
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Speaking as one of the "cool kids", the only mod I would do is to sell it and by an air cooled VW. No, not one made after say 1967. Get a split window, there are not enough of them running around anymore (never were).

Seriously though, sell it. Buy an air cooled!!!

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Re: Brooks B5 Passat
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As a water-pumper driver, I've done my best to stay away from anything with a turbo.. that being said, I agree with josh.. find unique things YOU think are cool and sport it! :-)
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Re: Brooks B5 Passat
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what year is the car and how many miles on the engine? the early 1.8t's are not happy being modded with high miles and have oil sludge problems

i have a 3" turbo back with no cat, short ram intake with a k&n filter and Unitronic stage 2 software. bumps the boost up to where under heavy acceleration its holding about 22 psi till high rpm. very big seat of the pants difference from stock

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Re: Brooks B5 Passat
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