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Happy New Year 2014
Welcome to the Rose City Volksters website and another exciting year.  We've been doing some behind-the-scenes work on the website over the holidays.  Some are quite visible (the photo slider on the front page is new) while other are not.  If anyone is interested in having a spotlighted story about their project/car/etc on the front page, let one of the officers know via personal message.

Our monthly meeting is on January 14th at the Beaverton Round Table Pizza starting at 7:30pm. 

This month's Dubs & Donuts will be held on January 18th - 9am at Sesame Donuts in Tigard (corner of Hall and 99w).

There are other activities in the members section that might be interesting as well.  :2up:

The 29th Annual Northwest Bug Run is on Saturday May 31st.  Planning for this event starts picking up this month.  Do you know of a business that would be interested in being a supporter of this event?

Do you have an idea for a great event?  Are you willing to do some of the legwork to make it happen?  Great events start with just an idea and the drive to see it become reality!  '

Going to VW events is more fun when you go with other enthusiasts!  We realize not everyone has the time or resources to attend every event in the Northwest.  Why not make a plan to attend an event outside the Portland area this year?  Springmeet, Vintage Meet, Maupin VW campout, Bugorama, VW Classic, Treffen cruise, Volksfest?  How about a group cruise to one of these events?

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Re: Happy New Year 2014
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Does it follow that Dub's and Donuts will be February 15 in Tigard?

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Re: Happy New Year 2014
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It is on the 15th this month.
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