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Nope, alignment shop got it all taken care of!
She handles like a charm!! So much smoother!Just gotta dump the 145's so I can turn the wheel easier. Got the beam adjusted up with the drop spindles, so it sits a full flat hand above the tire, but I want to go with a lower profile tire so I don't have to worry as much
I haven't driven it yet since the alignment, but minus the puling left and right on the way to the shop it rode way nicer, doesn't feel like a hard tail motorcycle, haha! And stops like a dream with the disc brakes
$70 total. I was quoted a starting price of $48.95 for a basic front end alignment, assuming the rest is labor charge
Pace-Way Frame and Axle on River RD next to the Toyota dealership
Got the call from the alignment shop and she is all done!! Picking her up from the shop tomorrow morning! Stoked!
Don't remember the exact number but the passenger wheel is pretty flush with the fender and the driver wheel is still sucked in, and I had a lot of positive camber on the pass wheel which I got it a little straighter but not enough...took it to an alignment shop and hoping they get it squared away and catch anything I may have done wrong..
Got everything put back together. Put the wheels back on my wheels are offset from each other pretty bad...so going have to tackle that this week. Here's a few photos of everything back together, it at least looks pretty, haha

Sounds good man! Just let know, I am more than happy to help out!  :cheers2:
Thanks Steve! I am also looking forward to not having a sore back after hitting potholes with no give, haha!!
 :haha:  :cheers2:

Well I did it!! First time ever doing front end work on a car and I'm about 75% done and then it will be time to start reassembling  :2up:
I only had to call Mark once for a quick conversation on the best way to get the ball joints out cause the book didn't really explain it. Thanks Mark!

So I got the old ball joints pressed out (things were beyond toast, every boot was tore open) and new ones pressed in while Ali, did the tie rod ends. Next is new steering box and master cylinder then it will be time for re-assembly  :headbang:
Mostly people that don't know I suppose. My guess is that they are making their guess off the ragtop and nothing else
Thanks Peter! I didn't see this post in time to answer J's question  :cheers:
I actually get asked all the time if it's a 63-64, haha!
Replaced the clips on my rear wheels so now I have hub caps again! I also painted my roof rack and stained the wood slats on the roof rack. Next, swapping out all front end stuff this weekend!

Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: "O" sized drill bit
I have an 8 dowel stencil plate you can use