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General Chat / Hello 2017!
Happy New Year! The Ice is flying everywhere?  Anyone doing any projects this winter?  I got my '79 convertible running on the last day of sun in 2016 after a couple of years, so I am hoping to be running around in the spring.  I do need to fix the horn though...  I added a "67 steering wheel that required me to weld in the '67 splines on the '79 shaft.  I will dig up a picture or two if I can.  As soon as that was done, the '67 steering wheel hit the wiper switch..... so there was some switch handle cutting and jb weld.  All works nice now, but the horn and signal switch kickoff lug needs to be worked on.  Not rocket science, but it is slow.
I have a late Super Beetle ('79) and I want to change to a 60's steering wheel I have.  There was a change made to the shaft and spline sizes for the last few years of the super beetle (if what I read was true).  So, I can change the column or fab the old end of the old 60's shaft onto the shaft I have in the car.  Or - best case - I may be able to swap out the early Super assembly with no(?) fab required.  Anyone have an older super column - or does anyone know if I am not going to be able to get the older super column in the newer car because of the linkage to the rack vs. the steering box on the older cars?
General Chat / Bug goose-neck trailer camper
Hi All,  Here is a cool video - old one so it may have been around for a while.  See if this works: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1298245869052
Buy/Sell/Trade / Storage Locker Parts
My neighbor set a guy to me (VW in the front lawn...?) who bought a storage locker of air cooled parts.  Here is his CL add:


I think the guy's name is Kevin - here is his number 307-370-0057

He is a nice guy - knows nothing about what he bought.  But looking for an offer for it all - but would take offers for any of it!
Buy/Sell/Trade / Lowering a 72-74 Super?
Used lowering adjustable struts housings with the strut cartridges, used springs and new ball joints for 72-74 type 1 $200.00

I am not thinking of shipping....
Hello, Selling the father son project - son is at school and it is not being driven now.  Not a bad car, some things need attention - like always.....  Here is the as posted on CL


Please let me know if you are a member....

Projects - VWs only / The 79 Vert
Hi all,

Wanted to show what was up in the carport this winter.....
When I got the car, some innovative fixes were in place.  Some pic attached of under the drivers side back seat.  The stuff I find... :lame:

After these pics my camera died, so I have nothing of the metal I welded in etc, but maybe that is a good thing.  I am not a "gifted" welder!!!  But It is closed, weather tight, and solid.

I think there is another surprise for me in the front.  I am thinking there is foam in the heater channel on hte front drivers side.   That one will wait until next winter.....Cheers!

The title says it all :cheers2:
Tech Help Cars / Super fuse block
So it is raining...Time to make the wipers work I guess.  My son's '72 turn signal and wiper switches kind of fell apart.  Got a new repro turn signal switch and a used wiper switch at the bug in - all good.  Finally got around to pull it all apart and back together - and no workie.  So go looking at my fuse block diagram and for '72 wipers fuse is 8 amp in slot 2.  fuse is all good, but slot 10 is bad - new fuse and wipers again! 

looking on the diagrams on the Samba, '73  wiper fuse is slot 10.  I guess they used a harness from '73, but the vin shows the car born in March '72.  Kind of early for a cut in of a next model year part.  Any on else run into this?
I have a '79 vert that I am puting together from "baskets".  I knew there was some rust in the tank, but wow, I figured the fuel filter would take care of it.  The fuel filter was clogged shut, replaced it, and still no fuel, but the pump seized too. :lame:

So, if you have a good tank or fuel pump,  I am realy interested.  Thanks, Nick
Tech Help Cars / 1973 bug will not idle
I am feeling really stumped about now.  Cannot make this thing idle...  Type 1 with a bigger than stock bore (not sure what), dual port heads, 009 dist and a 34pic3 carb.  Runs strong and smooth at higher RPM.
Will run until the auto choke kicks the throughtle stop of the cam and then slowly dies out and stalls.

New points (54deg dwell), condenser, cap, rotor - inspected the plugs and compression test 150-190 (the one soft one has dodgy threads so I know the tester was loose.  The plug goes in solid - I just did not want to over tighten the tester...
Rebuilt the carb.  All ports are open. float and valve seem fine.  Plenty of fuel.  Valves are right on. Then bought a new (rebuilt) carb last Sunday at PIR and tried it - all the same behavior with both carbs.

Any suggestions beyond what I am thinking?
1) I have not yet checked if the manifold is loose ( do I have a vacume leak?)  Will check that tonight. 
2) http://www.aircooledtech.com/34pict3_modification/  - Anyone tried this?  The theme is the 34pic3 carb has an issue with the 009 mechanical advance distributor.  The writer plugged the hole in the butterfly to increase low speed vacume pull on the idle circuit to fix this mismatch??
Buy/Sell/Trade / 73-79 SUPER BEETLE FRONT HOOD
Hi, Looking for a hood (front deck lid) that is not rusty.  Thanks, Nick 503-704-8432
Tech Help Cars / my new 79 bug
 Day one:  Driving to Hillsboro with the "new" car from Milwaukie.  Met a really cool tow truck driver, but that was not the plan.....  Day two: Both spare and orignal double relay working fine car starts.  Replaced the coil (goes funny at temp?)  Drove to DEQ.  Passes firts try!  Car dies as I walk back from teh both with certificate in hand and I am towed home by my son.  (I also had mounted a tow bar bracket to the car)  Day Three: Try a condenser (goes funny at temp?)  Drive miles at spead no issue.  Get home and 5 min idling in the drive way - dies. Push the car into the yard.  Day four:  Find a really cloged fuel filter.  Driven for days now with no issue. YEA! ....But find a nice hole in the pan covered with undercoating.......new pans are in my future....crap.  I guess my bad for not finding it before I bought the car.  All in all though it is a gas!  I like the car and it is good to have a driver again.

Question:  How do you remove the knob from the fresh air fan switch?  Mine is missing, but I have another dash with one to try.  It is just not obvious to me and I would like to not break it.  Thanks, Nick
Buy/Sell/Trade / Need a Type 1 IRS Trans
Hello.  My son and I have put together a '72 beetle, but we are hard down with the trans grinding itself to bits.  :cry:  We are looking for a replacement.  It would be good to get one that is known to be working and sticking in all it's geers etc. I would like to do the swap this weekend.  Thanks, Nick  :grin:
Buy/Sell/Trade / Front Brake Drum needed -79 Super
Hi all,

Just found out one of the front brake drums from the 79 Super I am working on is not turnable - bummer.  I am interested in  buying one or trading for a five lug rear or a four lug rear drum I have.  The ones I have look OK, but I have not measured them.  No groves etc. that I could see.

If you can help. please email me at nick.de.santis@intel.com.  That is in my face all day.  I get on this site as I can....