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Calendar of Events / Bug In 2013
Is there a cruise to this setup? I thought we talked about it and I thought I saw but can't remember.

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General Chat / Cruise for the Cure
Anyone headed to this tomorrow?? I plan on leaving about 6. Anyone going wanna meet up??

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Well the Fasty has been sold and I am now rolling in an ACVW again. I picked up TotallyVW's '67 Ragtop Bug. She is such a joy to drive and feels so good to be rolling in a VeeDub again!!!  :headbang:  :2up:

Here's some pics that my wonderful girlfriend took.

Buy/Sell/Trade / THULE roof rack
Selling the roof rack off the Jeep I just sold. Trying to get that much closer to buying a VW again. Help me out if you can or know someone that can use this rack.

General Chat / Photography
Hey all,
Just wanted to post a quick blurp.
My girlfriend is a great photographer and has a side thing she is trying to get going more and so I am trying to help her out. If you're interested in car shots, portraits, etc she can help you out and is very reasonable. You can either contact me on here and I will make sure she gets the info or you contact her directly through her photography page on Facebook. Thanks!

General Chat / Need some opinions..
Even though I am still a ways out for this I wanted to get some opinions on on the Centerforce Dual Friction clutch disc..has anyone had experience with that or something similar? Thanks
Buy/Sell/Trade / Squareback stuff
Got some squareback part that I do not need, since I am building a Fastback..rear fenders, rear hatch with glass, and some other misc stuff that would go with both Square/Fastback but there is some stuff I won't be using. Contact me if interested, getting rid of for cheap..
Please sign this petition to keep the US Forest Service from closing 103 miles of trails of the Oregon Dunes..

Projects - VWs only / My new rat rod project..
Made some pretty good progress with cutting sh*t apart today. Can't wait till I get that beam extender and start getting everything moving along. Definitely going to need some beam work, new ball joints and tie rods and all that jazz..also plan on doing the disc brake conversion and both front and back, but definitely front for now. Will get some more pics posted up tonight.
General Chat / My new rat rod project
I am headed up to Seattle to pick up a '66 Bug tomorrow (Tues)..pretty stoked  :2up:
What the title says..if anyone is looking for something like this. Love it but would much rather get back into an ACVW

Buy/Sell/Trade / TYPE 3 STUFF
I have stuff for type 3's that came off my squareback..there is some stuff I will keeping for my Fastback project but please inquire as to what you need and I will let you know if I have, I will try to get the pics I have of the stuff I have posted this week. Thanks.

Projects - VWs only / RIP Lucille (my '68 square)
its been a good 3 1/2 years..she is off to the scrap yard tomorrow morning (02/17)...
Buy/Sell/Trade / Stripping my '68 Square
Hey everyone,
I am in the process of stripping down my '68 Squareback and will be selling some parts. If there is anything you may need, let me know and I will tell you if it is good, bad, or I am keeping for my Fastback..

General Chat / Question on transmission shop
Hey all,

Wondering if German Transaxle is reputiable shop? I heard some rumors from some people about the guy's built in 6 speed trannys blowin and then he wasn't honoring the warrenty...anyone heard that? Is that not the truth? Let me know what you guys think...thanks.