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USA Today has 99W Drive-in as a runner in a 10Best drive-in contest that each and everyone of us can vote for. Currently 99W is running at #1 in the top 20. To make sure it stays there ... Please head over to this link and give it a vote each day from work and at home  :cheers2:


And it looks like the Dallas, Oregon Motor Vu is currently in 3rd if they are your prefered drive-in. Lets make sure that both of them are within the top 5 if not in the #1 and # 2 positions!
General Chat / Looking to borrow air-cooled engine
Looking to borrow any running air-cooled engine. Doesn't need carbs or intakes. Just need something to set some kadrons up on to test and tune to check for Carb problems before we put them on the Corvair. Hoping to be done with Carb conversion soon.
Buy/Sell/Trade / WTB Old Vw Keys
Looking to buy a few old Vw keys that someone may have laying around that don't work in anything.

I would like to attempt making this  :2up:

I should have said something sooner, but I am planning on going to catch Labyrinth on the big screen tomorrow in Newberg. One of my all time favorite movies. Should be AWESOME seeing in at the drive-in. I am gonna get down there a little early to get a good spot in line. Weather should be better tomorrow.

Also, there will be a free drive-in blanket provided by H o n d a for every $20 purchase.

Here is a quote from there FB page:

"This weekend is Moonlight Movie # 1. Labyrinth with We're The Millers. The weather will be much better than last week. However, please beware of any puddles when it does rain, it can be pretty slippery out there.

We have drive-in blankets in the snack bar, courtesy of H o n d a. 1 FREE blanket with every $20 purchase."


Anyone feeling up to coming to this with me?
Videos / A win for our very own TotallyVW!
My fat finger cut off the video off too short where the announcer says that Mark was not only faster off the line but also won that run and actually won the series for today. Way to go sir. Some driving skills you have  :headbang:

For some reason I forgot or the way to embed videos to a post has changed. Click on the photo below to open the video of the run.

General Chat / Hagg Lake Cruise & BBQ this week
Raleigh and I plan on going out to Hagg Lake maybe tomorrow or Thursday for a cruise and BBQ. Gonna try to get by the water for some pics and such of the cars. Let me know if you would like to come hang out with us for some cruisin' and sun  :2up:

It will be in the afternoon time of course. Probably meet up somewhere in Hillsboro and cruise out. Last I remember there was a $5 fee per car to park at the lake. We have BBQ, bring some food with you to pitch in.
Buy/Sell/Trade / FS: 1967 Bug
Not mine. Guy out in my community has it. His name is Josh. Thought I could maybe help out a little.

He has had it for a couple of years now. Blew up transmission a year or so ago and it has sat out in his driveway since. He is looking to sell his bug and a truck he has to get his Toyota back on the road.

The quick info I got is:

clean title
new 75 amp chrome alternator installed, plus another new one not installed (Thought was bad at first and bought a second one. Turned out the bulb in the dash was not grounded properly)
SP engine, believed to be 1600 that is in good running order. (battery was dead from sitting so I couldn't hear it run)
new exhaust header and stinger  :flamethrower:
new Scat shifter
He has some boxes of spare parts to go with it. Roof Rack is included.

Didn't look like there was too much or major rust anywhere that I could see. I poked my head under the car and pan didn't look all crusty or rotted anywhere. There are two holes in the pan from where someone mounted some Scirocco seats. Has low backs in it now. Couldn't find his key when I stopped in, so I could not look at the door pillars or package tray. Over all the car looks fairly nice when it clean.

He would like to get $1200 for it. I'd pitch it at him if I had it, but I can't have anymore cars atm anyways :driving:

PM me for his info if interested.

Just snapped a few pics. Probably should have gotten some nicer ones  :cheers:

One wheel is missing a center cap

So I show up early for once for one of my classes tonight. One of the ladies that sits in the back spoke up and ask me if I was an enthusiast or the other. I asked "the other?". Apparently one of her ex-boyfriends was in some kind of Volkswagen Skin Head group out of Se Portland (no surprise there  :rotflmao:)? They are a racist group using Volkswagen in their name because of it being German and them striving for the aryan nation? Has anyone else ever heard of this group before? I have never heard of them myself. I kind of wondered if she was pulling my leg or if she was crazy.
Tech Help Cars / Heated/Dry Storage recommendations?
Where would be a good place to store a car that is heated and dry for the winter? I haven't called around yet really. I know I could put it in a storage unit. But those units cost a lot for the size I would need. The ones I looked at don't have anything for car specifically. I haven't called a RV storage place yet though. I was not sure if there were car specific options out there.

The Corvair is taking on some water from somewhere. Not quite sure yet. The car cover I got for it doesn't keep all of the water off of it. I really don't want to drape a tarp over it for any extended period of time.
General Chat / Ex Vw Enthusiast?
Challenge excepted anyone?  :cheers:

I spotted this when I was out shopping this evening at Winco at the very west end of Hillsboro. Looks to be newly opened today. I know a lot of guys out here on the far west usually have to trek in over to the Beaverton one. Now there is one a little closer to home.


Projects - Other Models / The Air-Cooled Vw Poser Corner
So Mr Catbox asked me to make a new thread and lay down some more photos of the '66 Corvair Corsa that I just picked up. I am happy to oblige him  :cheers2:

It is not a show car by any stretch of the imagination. I'd consider it a 10 footer, maybe 15 footer. Still looks really sharp, though it has a few spots of cancer and the paint is not quite smooth in most areas. The interior appears to be in really nice shape still. Mike spent $600 reupholstering the front seats and he put in a new headliner.

Sadly this is not the turbo model and is supposed to have the 140hp motor... It actually only has the 110hp motor currently. To some around here... They would still consider that stock  :rotflmao: The way to make it the 140hp motor again is to simply swap out the heads for the big valve heads that has dual carbs on each head. I believe everything else is the same. But I did some research and it would appear that this was the most favorable motor for the Corvair offering the best mix of power and economy for DD and a good performance option for the Corvair trucks/vans.

General Chat / Meet Helga, the newest Vw Beetle
I got to take some time to meet up with Tiphanie from the forum today to check out Vw's newest Beetle. I have read some reviews here and there. Some say it is a lot closer to the original Beetle then the first "new" Beetle. I have not seen many photos online of the dash or interior of the new Beetles.  The first good look I got was at the Vw Drive-in night in Newberg. I got to see the instrument lights after dark because she forgot to turn off the park lights :nono: The interior lighting is nice in the Beetles. There is a color pin stripe light that goes around the speakers in the doors. Today I found out that you can change the color of it with a switch in the dash.

I just wanted to get a closer look at it and maybe go for a ride in it. She offered to let me take it for a spin in it, but knowing it was a car from her work place I didn't want to get her in trouble... Turns out she is ENCOURAGE to let people take it for a spin. Nice  :2up: So I went over there and took some pics of it before driving it on some back roads and down Hwy 26. What she has is the base model Bug, but it still comes with a lot of features standard it seems. Hers has the 2.5l 5 cylinder engine. For those that don't know the head on this car is the same one that Lamborghini uses on it's W 10 engines. In fact, I think they put the 2 of the 2.5L 5 cylinder engines together to make the Lamborghini W 10 engine. So it has some good power. The ride was nice.

What I like most about the car myself is the retro styled wheels and the dash. The dash does remind me of the older air-cooled stuff.

She has been told that it kind of resembles a Porsche to some people from behind.

Definitely not from the front though  :rotflmao:

The more and more I look at them and see them two toned and with roof racks I really am beginning to grow fond of the newest Beetles. I'll dig up and post some more pics of those ones later.

I know this car will not please everybody... But if you are curious. Hit her up to take it for a spin  :2up:
General Chat / Pro Tip for the day
My Pro Tip for the day would be knowing that the towel you keep handy on the passenger seat for defogging your window in the mornings can be the same hot mitten you use to keep from burning the crap out of your hand on the steering wheel on extremely hot days like today... YEEEOOOWZA!  :klennex:
Yup you heard it correctly. They bumped the date up from the usual August dates that is has been held at for the past couple of years that I have been going. I hear it was originally held in June.

We will be meeting at Al's Garden Center on Roy Rogers Rd near Sherwood at 3:30pm and heading out at 3:45pm to head to the drive-in. Try to come on the early side or a bit early if possible.

Al's Garden Center
16920 Southwest Roy Rogers Road
Sherwood, OR 97140-9292

Gates usually open around 5pm at the drive-in. As of today they don't have the movies posted as to what will be playing next weekend. But keep an eye here http://99w.com/index.htm to see if the movies stay the same or change by next weekend.

Hopefully we can get some games and activities going!

Admission to the drive-in is $8.00 per adult, $5.00 per child ages 6-11, and free for children under 6. For cars with a single occupant, the entry fee is $12.00. They do not take checks or credit card so please remember to bring cash!

No glass bottles of any kind and no alcoholic beverages are allowed. You are free to bring your own food. But it would be great if you could purchase some stuff from the snack bar to help keep this joint open for years to come! I usually bring some healthy food and drinks and buy my junk food there.

They do not have functioning speaker boxes that you attach to your window anymore. So if you don't have a working radio then bring a portable one. I usually bring a little boom box as I like to sit in front of my car in my cozy chairs to what the movie in anyways... But... I'm not sure what the weather will be like this year. So far it looks sketchy.